Nelson Cruz awaits a response from the commissioner to negotiate with teams

The Dominican and free agent Nelson Cruz, first you want to know if there will be universal designated hitter in both leagues to begin negotiating their next contract with the teams of the MLB.

According to Jon Morosi, Nelson Cruz He does not plan to receive calls from either team without first knowing what will happen to the universal designated hitter next season.

Whether or not there will be a universal designated hitter next season remains to be seen, as Commissioner Rob Manfred has been very silent about it and before that, he has to negotiate with the league’s players’ association. MLB.

Here the report:

Some days ago, Cruz made it clear that he is on a two-season deal, and based on his numbers, he can still perform for at least two more seasons, after hitting 301 with 16 home runs, 33 runs scored and 33 RBIs in the MLB 2020.

Nelson Cruz is the home run leader in the MLB since 2010, in addition, he has been the best offensive player since 2015 according to his numbers.

The Minnesota Twins and Nelson Cruz They came to nothing in the negotiations, so the Dominican wants to know if he could sign with a National League team, but obviously he must expect strong answers.

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