Nerac. Books in freedom for the pleasure of readers

On the small panels that accompany the baskets of books, we can read “Go with me a little way and pass me quickly to your neighbor”.

The concept is simple, the Club de lecture et café philo en Albret makes second-hand books available free of charge to people in various places in Nérac. Everyone can borrow, keep, replace the books as they wish… “The free book is for everyone, but does not tolerate any work inciting racial, political or religious discrimination”, wishes to specify Cathy Casanova of the association chaired by Catherine Virag.

Rattan baskets are available in various places in the city of Henri IV: at the Albret Tourist Office, at the Marché Minute grocery store at the Total service station on the road to Agen, at the Pépito hair salon and at the PADMA art gallery rue Armand Fallières.


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