NESDB recommends ways to fight “Omicron” as bad as zombies Just open your mouth and get infected.

3. enclosed or poorly ventilated area risk of residual germs

actionOpen the windows and doors for ventilation. Contributes to reducing the accumulation of germs. The openings for ventilation should be diagonally open. To make the air flow around the area as much as possible No residues of germs should be opened diagonally for ventilation. Helps to ventilate betterShould not open the ventilation opposite each other. There may be residual pathogens.

** Ventilation should be opened for 5-10 minutes at a time, every 2 hours if there is a limitation. May open the vent before starting to use the room, during breaks and before discontinuing use**

4. In a closed area, the virus spreads to a power of 3.

besidesSocial distanceand avoiding being in enclosed spaces also helps.Reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 because within the closed area The infection can be spread in 3 ways, namely near distance from large droplets. Long-distance mount from a small mist dropper close range fromExposure 3 routes of infection

NESDB recommends ways to fight Omikron

-Long distance, attached from a small droplet
-Close range, attached from large mist droplets
-Melee, stuck by touch

NESDB recommends ways to fight Omikron

5. How to survive in bad weather

Use an effective mask Wear properly, tighten your face. Social distance Wash your hands and vaccinate. Choosing a mask that is highly effective, such as N95 or KN95 Especially when you are in a high-risk area, such as a crowded area with a large number of people, it greatly reduces the risk of infection. However, it must be worn in the right way. and tighten the face Because wearing a mask is not tight, there may be holes for road germs to penetrate, such as the channel above the nose, the side of the cheek, and under the chin.

cloth mask Reduce the risk by 56%
surgical mask Reduce the risk by 66%
N95/KN95 mask Reduce the risk by 83%

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