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Hotel mom at 31

At 31, Michael Casanova still lives in the Hotel Mama. This caused a lot of criticism. Now he counters – with a lot of humor.

  • The radio host from Ticino, Michael Casanova, still lives with his parents at the age of 31.
  • Some readers consider him a “Bubi”, others defend his choice.
  • Michael Casanova is not put off by social pressure.

Michael Casanova is 31 years old and is not yet thinking about moving out. The Ticino, who lives with his parents with conviction, has triggered controversial reactions from the readers. While some readers describe the radio host from Lugano as a typical example of a “bubi”, others defend his way of life. In a non-representative 20-minute survey, around 26 percent also believe that children must be at the age of 30 at the latest, while around 19 percent state that they still live at home at this age or that the long time in Hotel Mama is an option to consider. Casanova counters some critical comments below:

Michael Casanova: «I respect this opinion and can also understand the reader. The cliché exists in our society that adult men who still live at home are unattractive. In my opinion, moving out of the parental home doesn’t make a man a man yet. Nest stools are also ‘real men’. Other things are important: is it generous? Does he do what he really wants? How does he deal with other people? Since I still live with my parents, I also get a lot of affection from them. It makes me feel good. Those who have experienced a lot of love will also be able to give their partner a lot of love.

Michael Casanova: «I understand that the impression of exploitation quickly arises. Of course it’s nice not to have to cook and iron yourself. However, I don’t live with my parents for the service. I just like their company. For example, in the evening I prefer to watch a film with them at home instead of going to the club with friends. I also offered my parents to pay rent. However, they refused because they did not have to pay rent themselves and had enough money. I would like to thank them in the form of gifts. For example, I gave my mother a trip to the Maldives at the beginning of the year. »

Michael Casanova: «Children smile and play. They don’t think that time is passing. Being a child a little longer can’t hurt. I benefit from this in my job as a radio host. A somewhat childish and playful spirit gives me creative inspiration for my programs. »

Michael Casanova: «The reader is probably right. But we’ll see how I do when I move out. Despite everything, I can stand on my own two feet: I earn my own money and therefore I am financially independent. I can also cook uncomplicated dishes. I can also imagine that cooking after work is very relaxing. »

Michael Casanova: “In the end, it doesn’t matter how many partners or children you had. In the end, how you feel in your heart matters. I know young men who only moved out when they were 20 because of social pressure and regretted it. It also makes no sense to fool yourself and just move out and start a family to follow the conventions. When I see my friends with their children, I also want a family. But first I want to find the right person for it. There are enough divorces. »

Michael Casanova: «My parents say that I keep them young. As a teacher who deals with many young people, my mother is a very open person. It cannot be influenced by social pressure. Sometimes she is even envied. Some mothers even wrote to me that they think it’s nice that I still live at home and that they would like to have children like that later. My father is more of a quiet person. He finds the subject of taking off or not taking off not so exciting. »

Michael Casanova: «Maybe that’s a little bit true. My mother and I have a very close relationship. We are like friends. I can talk to her about anything. Of course, it doesn’t prevent me from undressing. I can move out whenever I want. But when I move out, she’ll be sad – just like any other mom. »

In many comments, readers also defend the nest stool. “You should finally stop trying to tell everyone how to live!” Writes Markus Z. Lola Petrol wonders why some people always judge others. “He can live up to 60 at home if he likes it, and honestly, I wouldn’t exchange a house with a pool and a view of the lake.” Some readers also find that undressing doesn’t make sense if you can save money with your parents and feel comfortable there. “Why live in a chaotic, noisy and expensive flat share when it can be so nice with your parents and you can save for something afterwards …?” Writes Sabina. Some readers defend the Hotel Mama with the southern family cohesion. «In the southern countries it is more the case that the children stay at home longer. They often later live with their own families with parents and in-laws. Find it nice when it is okay for both sides, »says Sis.


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