Sport Nestor El Maestro: "Very bitter that the second-half curse...

Nestor El Maestro: “Very bitter that the second-half curse continues”


  • Fabian Miesenböck: “We bought Sturm in the first half already”
  • Lukas Jäger: “First half completely overslept”
  • Franz Ponweiser: “The victory gives a lot of courage and brings the necessary self-confidence”
  • Anton Pfeffer: “Sturm was never able to compensate for the failures today”

SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz loses against SV Mattersburg with 1: 2. All votes for the game on Sky X.

SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 1-2 SV Mattersburg (0-2)
Referee: Stefan Ebner

Nestor El Maestro (coach SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz):
… after the game: “Very bitter that the second half of the season’s curse continues, that history repeats itself. An unfortunate start today. Two almost black outs from us. But of course I question myself. Correct starting lineup: yes? No? In the second half you can draw slight positive facets. I admit we tried it to the end without a great plan or quality. It didn’t succeed, very bitterly. “

… When asked if the top 6 are still in danger: “I don’t think so. We are a solid, stable group. We will definitely win again, maybe next week. ”

… asked about the many failures before the game: “The line-up was created out of necessity, but also out of conviction.”

… About the top 6: “I don’t make a secret of it – I am always happy when our direct competitors or larger clubs don’t score. Like every Sturm fan, I think. I am pleased that the top playoff was never a serious topic this year and that it would almost be ticked off with a win today. ”

Lukas Jäger (SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz):
… After the game: “I can’t explain it at all, we didn’t find the game at all. That was far too little. Completely overslept the first half. ”

Kevin Friesenbichler (SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz) before the game in the video article:
… When asked why Sturm Graz: “There was an opportunity to go to my homeland to Sturm. But I’m not just there to enjoy my home. I also want to achieve something. “

Franz Ponweiser (SV Mattersburg trainer):
… After the game: “The victory gives a lot of courage and brings the necessary self-confidence. I was impressed with how we took action and made the rounds. A good start, but we also know that 13 hard laps are still waiting for us. ”

… before the game when asked what was better at SVM than in autumn: “Hopefully a lot. We hope that we could bring even more stability in winter, especially in our defensive behavior, and of course we want to show a different face than in autumn. ”

Fabian Miesenböck (SV Mattersburg):
… When asked how he likes the current handball rule: “I don’t think I really know the handball rule. It has now been decided against me several times. I am doing something wrong. But during the action before 1: 2, I have a clear hand on my body, I can’t conjure it up. No free kick for me. “

… After the game: “We wanted to deliver 100 percent today, were extremely aggressive, bought Sturm in the first half and I’m happy that we did it today.”

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Markus Kuster (SV Mattersburg):
… When asked which signal Mattersburg sent out with this victory: “A strong one, I think. A great game from us. We took the lead 2-0 early. If we had scored the third goal, the sack would have been closed. So it was, with the connecting goal, exciting until the end. But we can go home very happy. ”

Andreas Kuen (SV Mattersburg):
… After the game: “We performed well as a team. We wanted to put our needles in the front and take something with us. Of course, three points are excellent. “

Andreas Gruber (SV Mattersburg):
… in the half after his injury-related substitution: “I wanted to play the ball, put my foot in and it slipped a little unhappily from the side. It twisted my knee a little, but I think the ligaments are okay, maybe a bursa is slightly inflamed, but the MRI will show more tomorrow. I’m in a positive mood and hope to be back against Altach next week. ”

Walter Kogler (Sky Expert):
… after the game: “It’s astonishing that storm is always difficult to get out of the starting blocks.”

… before the game, when asked about the numerous failures in the storm: “It won’t be easy, but storm has quality.”

… When asked how you can interpret the calm in winter in Mattersburg: “You could also say – there is strength in calm. You will have analyzed the squad and ultimately made the decision that the squad is good enough to keep the league. ”

Anton Pfeffer (Sky Expert):
… After the game: “A deserved victory for Mattersburg. Mattersburg has set a fragrance brand. […] Sturm was never able to compensate for the failures today. ”

… Before the game, when asked about the numerous failures in the storm: “A great quality that has been lost to this squad. Nevertheless, the coach will send a team onto the field that can win against Mattersburg. “


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