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Original title: NetEase Cloud Music held the first “Our Village Evening”: Reshape the charm of the era’s golden songs and easily return to the 90s

DoNews News on January 27 (Wu Li) At 20:00 on January 27, NetEase Cloud Music’s first villagers’ gala “Our Village Evening” was officially broadcast. The first Village Gala performed a new interpretation of the golden songs of the times, film and television songs and classic red songs, reproducing the retro party in the 1990s. On the same day, the peak popularity of the live broadcast room of NetEase Cloud Music Village exceeded 70 million.

“Our Village Evening” changes the “traffic idea” of the traditional party into a “planning model”, and conceives the party from the perspective of music planning. In terms of planning ideas, we focus on the inner world of young people; in terms of content, we focus on retro themes, first determine the content of the program, then find suitable guests, and finally form the content of the party.

Why hold a party full of 90s flavor in 2022? It’s because of the comments of many Yuncun users – “I finally know why my parents liked watching TV so much back then.” Because of this sentence, NetEase Cloud Music held this retro party to bring the audience back to the era when “music was pure, joy and simplicity” in memory.

Disco and rock are reborn, and the charm of the golden songs of the era reappears

Zhang Qiang, Grasshoppers, and Little Tigers are Chinese musicians who have grown up with generations of people. Their music carries the green memories of countless people. These disco, rock, pop and other musical works constitute the main content of the golden song chapter of the late village era.

In the opening performance of the Village Evening, musicians Liu Boxin and Bridget collaborated for the first time to bring two disco songs. With the cooperation of disco light balls, Liu Boxin and the group dancers wearing aerobics uniforms used the song “Don’t Ask Me Again What is Disco” to bring the audience to the dance hall more than 20 years ago.

In the program, Huichundan re-interpreted Lin Zhimei’s old song “First Love”, Li Ronghao performed Beyond’s classic “Lover”, and Secondhand Rose collaborated with Yamy to sing Grasshopper’s masterpieces “Half Dim Sum” and “I’m Sorry Baby”.

The Landlord’s Cat, a women’s ballad group that has accumulated millions of fans in NetEase Cloud Music, brought the Little Tigers’ suites “Flying Butterfly”, “Red Dragonfly” and “Green Apple Paradise”. The “Yuncun First Class Cultural Performance” curtain opened. Xiaohei and Peiling played and sang in the middle of the classroom. Their voices were fresh and tranquil, as soft as the summer evening breeze in memory.

From “Swordsman” to “In the Mood for Love”, film and television hits set off a retro whirlpool

In addition to reproducing the songs of the era, the village evening also re-creates the golden songs of film and television. Classic mythological works, martial arts legends, love movies and other programs with different themes appear in turn, leading users of different ages to experience the retro whirlpool of the 1990s.

During the party, the Trojan Horse Band brought the episodes of the 1986 TV series “Journey to the West” “Dare to Ask Where Is the Way” and “Cloud Palace Xunyin”. In a more relaxed and arbitrary way of expression, let young audiences travel back to the summer vacation of their childhood chasing dramas. Classical music copyright has value beyond time and space. In NetEase Cloud Music, “Cloud Palace Xunyin” has received more than 100,000 comments so far.

“Our Village Evening” is a party between NetEase Cloud Music and Yuncun users. Many content ideas come from Yuncun users. For example, some users said in the NetEase cloud music comment section of “Cloud Palace Xunyin” that this is one of the earliest electronic music in China, which inspired the selection of songs for the party.

“Legend of Heaven and Dragon Slayer” and “Swordsman” have always been regarded as the classics of martial arts works. Two of the theme songs, “Sword Like a Dream” and “End of the World”, both appeared in the village evening. On the stage, GAI, a powerful musician with millions of fans in Yuncun, sang the pride of the rivers and lakes. Behind him, 30 giant ink screens form an open or deep array, and the heroes played by children take turns to go into battle, depicting the martial arts dream of childhood.

At the party that day, the new generation artist Jiang Zhenyu recreated the classic clip of “Prank Kiss” through solo dance performances by men and women; the bathroom singer Huang Ling affectionately sang the ending songs of “Deep Love and Rain” and “Fantasy Westward Journey” Pansi The Dongmen-style song “Dream of Silk”; the singer-songwriter Jude turned into a movie character and returned to “In the Mood for Love”.

From the legendary stories “Journey to the West” and “The Legend of the New White Snake”, to Qiong Yao’s romance films, classic Taiwanese idol dramas, and Wong Kar-wai movies… Around the classic film and television works around the 1990s, the village evening wakes up the post-90s generation and surrounds them with their families. Sitting in front of the TV and watching the sheer memory of the Gala.

The classic red song is loved by young people, and Orange Island sings “Defend the Yellow River”

“Our Village Evening” specially set up a chapter of classic red songs, and staged a classic red song program at the head of Juzizhou, Changsha, Hunan.

At the party, the young actors of Jinse Choir first performed the classic song “Holy War” against fascism, and sang “Defend the Yellow River” and “Chinese People’s Volunteer Army Battle Hymn” with Han Lei. The Youth Choir from Yuying School in Furong District, Changsha City sang “We Are the Successors of Communism”. At the end of the performance, a young actor from the choir of Yuying School in Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, would rather collaborate with the harmonica player Gong Yan on “The Internationale”.

These classic red songs are widely sung, and combined with ingenious adaptations, they will not affect the original appearance of the songs, but also add highlights, so that the post-90s and post-00s who grew up in the peaceful era cannot calm down for a long time. The singing takes the audience back to a more distant era, making people rethink the ideals, beliefs and feelings of family and country of young people in the new era. At the end of the performance, accompanied by the girl’s tender and clear singing, the studio had a barrage of “Fight! Boy” and “One hundred million times again!”

The first Yuncun Village Night: Create a spiritual peach blossom in an unrestrained paradise

For many Yuncun users, Yuncun is like a paradise “everyone is looking for”. With memories of different eras, users listen to their own stories in the songs of others. Village Evening also strives to create a spiritual “Peach Blossom Land”. Tao Yuanming’s “Peach Blossom Spring” was designed as the epilogue of each chapter of the party, closely combining people’s yearning for “Peach Blossom Spring” with the world of music; in the content of the party, the music works that users love to the greatest extent can be presented.

On the day of the party, NetEase musician, creative girl Hai Tai and NetEase Cloud Musician Training Class student Xu Jingwan collaborated to bring Yufeimen Band’s “Paradise”, which sang the finishing touch for the Yuncun Village Evening. “Paradise” uses XR virtual technology to reproduce the changing scene of the four seasons in “Peach Blossom Land”, bringing the audience an “immersion” of seamless transition between the virtual world and the real world.

It is reported that the XR module and content have received special support from NetEase Jingshan Studio. NetEase Jingshan Studio has been immersed in the field of virtual technology for many years, and based on the NetEase CC live broadcast platform, it provides long-term project support for various events or entertainment activities. Serve all kinds of game products, including but not limited to NetEase NeXT, “Fantasy Westward Journey” PC version, “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game, New Chinese Ghost Story, Chinese Ghost Story mobile game, Adverse Water Cold, Eternal Calamity, Onmyoji, Fifth Personality, Ha Lipot: Magic Awakening and all other NetEase products.

In the past two years, musical works adapted from the golden songs of the times have become more and more popular. For example, NetEase Cloud Music’s special concept project “Love Notes” re-interprets the golden songs of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the “First Love” covered by the Huichundan Band has accumulated over 100 million views in Yuncun. These golden songs and film and television classics from more than 20 years ago have become one of the main contents of this village evening.

In 2021, red film and television works such as “Awakening Age” and “Changjin Lake” will be popular; in the music market, the trend of young people’s love for red songs is also becoming more and more obvious. Inspired by this phenomenon, classic red works such as “Defending the Yellow River” and “Battle Hymn of the Chinese People’s Volunteers” were also performed in the village evening.

The first NetEase Cloud Music “Our Village Evening” leads the audience to review classic music works, hoping that young people can learn from the past and provide reference for current life.

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