Netflix continues to bury The Witcher: what is known about the upcoming seasons and how long the series will last

2023-06-16 02:30:01

Julia Raevskaya

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Henry Cavill has already said goodbye to the role of Geralt of Rivia

On June 29, the first half of the third season of The Witcher will premiere. Many fans of the book saga, The Witcher game and the Netflix project are preparing to watch new episodes with apprehension. And not without reason. We tell you what to expect from the continuation of one of the most discussed stories of recent years and why it has become even more criticized.

Now, many directors who come into contact with the fantasy genre set themselves the goal of, if not surpassing the Game of Thrones, then at least get on the same level with it. Unfortunately, no one has been able to do this yet. The Witcher also did not become a masterpiece, no matter how it was initially positioned by Netflix employees.

For what the series about Geralt of Rivia has been criticized in the last couple of years. The fan community had complaints about the choice of actors, and filming locations, and the strange chronology in the plot, which violated the canon. Even inexperienced viewers noticed that something was wrong in the first season of The Witcher. In the future, the situation did not improve, the project began to acquire new scandals, but Netflix did not refuse to continue. And at the end of June, the premiere of the third season of The Witcher will take place.

According to series producer Lauren Hissrich, viewers are expecting the most canonical episodes in the history of the project. And indeed, we will see many scenes from the novel “Blood of the Elves.” In the trailer, it is noticeable that this time Netflix decided to listen to the opinion of the fans. So why is everyone unhappy again?

Firstly, it’s no secret to anyone that the upcoming season will be the last for Henry Cavill, who plays Geralt. Already in the fourth he will be replaced by the star of the “Hunger Games” Liam Hemsworth. Many on the set took the news with bitterness, as few people wanted to say goodbye to Henry. So, the performer of the role of Yennefer, Anya Chalotra, could not hold back her tears. Most of the audience agreed with her. And it’s not that in Cavill himself or his game. Rather, no one wants to get used to the new Geralt.

Fans are also skeptical about Netflix’s long-term plans, as there is a suspicion that in fact the company does not have any definite plan for the future of the project. Except, of course, the fact that it has already been renewed until the fifth season. People expect even more deviation from the book canon, and now also the replacement of other actors.

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