NETFLIX: Discover the longest series you can watch

The pandemic is about to turn one year of having us locked up. So, just in case, this is an excellent time to find out what is currently the longest series to host. Netflix on your platform. Some clue?

If you are a Netflix fan, it was probably easy for you to answer this question. The reality is that, if you have seen several of the best productions it has, you will know that some already accumulate more than 10 seasons.

But, within that special rank, there is one that clearly outperforms them all and takes the prize. If you have not come to see it, it is time to get comfortable and, in an average but intense time of seeing it daily, perhaps you will finish it in a period of 3 or 4 months.

Grey’s Anatomy is the queen

Yes, the long history of Meredith Grey and everything that happens in it Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (first known as Seattle Grace and later as Seattle Grace Mercy West) has captivated millions of people since 2005. An average of 23 to 25 chapters per season and many anecdotes to tell, is what you can see over and over again in the series that already has 17 seasons.

This series is so long that we are surprised that it is still on the air, although it is all thanks to the work of the team led by Shonda Rhimes, its creator. Well, let’s remember that Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that follows Meredith Gray. At the beginning of the series she is an intern at the hospital and together with her companions they strive to save lives and become doctors.

We know what you think and yes, after so many seasons at some point she manages to become a doctor. Like all medical dramas, this show features many celebrities who make one-episode appearances, but because of its length, several members of the original cast have been traded for new actors. Very similar to any office.

Likewise, they treat many illnesses and health problems, so you can learn a thing or two. However, if you are a hypochondriac, we recommend other series on this list.

If you want to stick dozens and dozens of hours on the sofa to watch an endless series, Grays Anatomy is the one.



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