Netflix is ​​testing sleep timer on its Android app

The streaming platforms make a point of chaining the episodes. You just have to follow. And try not to fall asleep in front.

With streaming platforms, we often know when to start, rarely when to finish. Some people often find themselves falling asleep in front of them only to find that several episodes have passed. Netflix introduced an automatic pause feature some time ago, or at least a reminder asking if you’re still watching, but today the service wants go further.

Netflix is ​​testing sleep timer on its Android app

Sometimes after a long day, it can happen that one falls asleep in front of Netflix. And that can be quite annoying when you wake up to find that the platform has played several episodes. We must then go back to find the last scenes that we remember. Not necessarily difficult, but not great. That could change with the introduction of a new feature, a sleep timer.

For those who fall asleep in front of their series or their film

Netflix recently started a global test on its app Android, a test concerning a sleep timer functionality. As the name suggests, this is all about setting a timer and once the time has elapsed, Netflix will stop playing your movie or episodes of your. series from the moment. In its current implementation, users can choose from four preset values: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or directly at the end of the current episode or movie.

This should be particularly useful for mobile devices, helping to conserve battery power. At present, the feature is only available to select handpicked Android users. If you are on iOS or watching Netflix on your computer or TV, then you will not be able to enjoy it. At least not yet. Still, this novelty is very interesting. Why didn’t she arrive earlier?

In any case, Netflix explains that its availability should be extended quickly to more devices if the feedback from this test is good. So hopefully that will be the case very soon.

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