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The first season of the “League of Legends” animated series “Arcane” (Arcane) has been exclusively launched on the Netflix platform. The core of the story of the work focuses on Piertoef and Zorn in the alliance universe, depicting the conflicts between the upper class and the bottom people, brothers/sisters, morality and scientific progress.

For “League of Legends” players, the fun of watching “Arcane” is to see what the characters in the game looked like in the past and what they did. However, part of the description is different from the League universe of “League of Legends”. The following is a comparison of the content of the first season of “Arcane” and the setting of the “League of Legends” League universe.




It is called “Powder” in “Arcane”. In the third episode, Fei Ai said it was “You are a jinx” (You are a jinx), the origin of the name Jinx.

The cymbal monkey in “Arcane” once appeared in the theme song “Get Jinxed” by Jiyin Kesi, and the promo video’s bursting posture on the bar counter also corresponds to the ending of “Get Jinxed”. One of the character voices of Jiyin Kesi is “Do you think I am crazy? You should look at my sister” (You think I’m crazy? You should see my sister), the role story at the time did not tell who the sister was.

Although the story of the Alliance Universe had not yet been established when Gene Cos first debuted, her main settings have not changed much since. In the existing tales of the Alliance universe, Gincos seems to be particularly obsessed with the “iron-fisted special police” Feai.


The full name is “Violet” and the nickname is “Vi”.Union Universe describes Fei Ai, who lives alone on the streets of Zorn, bordered by cesspit lanesThe owner of a barTeaching ethics and how to fight sparingly is the same as the setting of “Arcane”.

In the game, the goggles on Fei Ai’s head are the same as those of Van Der’s adopted son: Clegg.


  • “Arcane”: Use van der’s previous metal gloves to repel the villain Shirko’s men
  • Alliance Universe: The hostile gang that originally cooperated with Fiai in the stealing operation used chemically-driven smashing gloves to kill the mine owner and trapped the rest of the miners in the tunnel. Fiai picked up the gang’s gloves and helped other miners open the way. .


His name is not mentioned in this article, but after deleting the villain “Hilko” whose name has been confirmed from the list of voice actors at the end, what remains is “Singid”. Singid of the Alliance Universe was born in Piltoef, and was forced to leave the university because of his research on alchemy and spent his funds, and finally settled in Zorn.


The young Ike of “Arcane” already has superb invented technology. Here, his biological parents are unknown, and he works in Benzo’s shop. Ike of the Alliance Universe was brought up by the hard work of his parents. One day Ike discovered a blue-green crystal related to Hextech in the ruins of Zorn’s laboratory. After taking it for the experiment, he accidentally triggered a time warp.


In the Alliance Universe, he is a native of Pirtoef, and Hextech has long existed. But in the “Arcane” story, his birthplace is unknown, and he almost died in the ice and snow (probably Freljord), and was later out of danger with the help of a certain magician. And Caitlin are good friends.


  • “Arcane”: Jesse conducted independent research with the funding of the Talis family (Caitlin’s parents), and the source of the blue crystal is unknown. Believe in using science to control magic “Hex Technology Theory”
  • Alliance Universe: The explorer of the Geoppera clan who sponsored Jesse’s research found a blue crystal in the Surima Desert. Jesse knew that there were unsolved mysteries in this gem and began “Glory Evolution” Research


Victor of “Arcane” was born in Dicheng, had no prominent family background and no patrons, and only relied on invention talent to become the assistant teacher of the academy Dean Hammerdinger. In the Alliance Universe, Victor’s invention successfully improved the quality of life of the Zorn people, and Baron Federsen sponsored him to do more research, allowing him to transfer from Zorn Institute of Technology to Piltoef for further studies.


  • “Arcane”: I saw Jesse for the first time after the bombing incident. After the trial, Victor took the initiative to ask Jesse for research cooperation on “Hextech”
  • Alliance Universe: Like Jesse, they are students of the Pier TOEFL Institute of Technology. The two of them had different ideas when they jointly invented the “Chemical Technology Workwear”. Jesse reported Victor to the Academy, resulting in Victor being exiled by the Science Association. The “Evolution” incident again formed a rift with Jesse.

Hammerdinger (area: Pier TOEFL)

The best role. Hammerdinger of the Alliance Universe is more crazy and obsessed with research. In “Arcane”, he is the dean of the Piltoef Institute of Technology and the chairman of the parliament, and he is conservative in his behavior.

Caitlin (area: Pier TOEFL)

There was no drama in the first season, except that she and Jesse were good friends. After the controversy broke out in Jesse’s research, her mother ordered that she be banned from interacting with Jesse.


The magician did not speak in “Arcane” and could not determine his identity from the list of voice actors at the end of the film. At that time, the magician who rescued Jesse could use teleportation skills to remind players of Rez’s great “Torsion Realm.”

However, the characteristics of this magician do not match those of the young Ryze. He has a tattoo with a rune image on his hand and no scroll on his back. Moreover, after Ryze of the Alliance Universe experienced a rune war, he ran around with his teacher Teres to reclaim the world. Rune is not a gift to others. It is also possible that he is only the original character of “Arcane” and has nothing to do with the game.

batch_211110-ARCANE (2)

batch_211110-ARCANE (4)batch_211110-ARCANE (3)

Young Mage Rez


Vandel took Shirko’s research potion when he was dying, and still maintained his human form at this time. According to Warwick’s setting in the Alliance Universe, Warwick used to be a villain who intended to correct evil and return to righteousness. He was forced to become Sinjid’s experiment and resurrected to gain new abilities after death. And there is a description during the experiment:

Warwick couldn’t recall any memories from the past, all he could capture was the smell of blood. But he heard a little girl screaming. Screaming at something he didn’t understand, and that sounded like a name.

In addition, in the new voice of Warwick of “League of Legends” installed in 2017, there are lines facing Fei Ai and Jiyin Kesi. Corresponding lines to Van der’s encounter, it is very likely that “Warwick = Van der”.

211110-ARCANE (65)

211110-ARCANE (1)

211110-ARCANE (64)211110-ARCANE (63)

The rest of the easter eggs correspond to the details

  • There was a merchant in the Dicheng market who caught a small boulder beast

  • When Fei Ai and his party went to the upper city to steal, cupcakes were placed on a balcony.Don’t think about why you put the cake there,It may be a cupcake that pays tribute to Caitlin’s “capture trap”.

  • Jesse’s research room has a crystal-encrusted device, which looks like a “League of Legends” equipped with Hextech generators.

  • There are characters who make head-to-head movements that represent changes in family relationships, such as Boomboom and Fei Ai, Van der and Hilko.

batch_211110-ARCANE (53)batch_211110-ARCANE (44)

Of course, “Arcane” is only open to the first season. Whether the subsequent development can correspond to the “League of Legends” league universe, let us continue to wait for the development of the next two seasons.

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