Netflix Tip: The Twelve Dive Into Jury Heads During Murder Trial | NOW

Netflix will come with a hit series from our southern neighbors from Friday. The Twelve was followed by more than a million Belgian viewers at the end of 2019.

The court series is about a case against school principal Frie Palmers, who is suspected of a double murder. Not only would she have killed her best friend, but also her own daughter. The twelve members of a people’s jury must decide whether she is guilty.

Serious crimes are committed in Belgium through an assize case, in which twelve people are selected to form a jury. The Twelve So not only follows the emotional lawsuit, but also looks behind the scenes at the decision-making process. It turns out that the jury members themselves also carry dark secrets with them.

The Twelve was awarded the Best Screenplay award at the Cannes Series Festival in 2019. In terms of story, the ten-part series is reminiscent of classic film 12 Angry Men and the previously published Flemish lawyer series Accused, get up.

“We found the idea that ordinary citizens should judge another person interesting,” says screenwriter Sanne Nuyens. “What do you take from your own environment? Looking at the lives of these people also felt like a new approach.”

As a counterweight to the oppressive The Twelve, stated Superguide a list along with eight feel-good movies on Netflix.


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