Netherlands: compulsory vaccination passport to go to the toilet in bars

While customers of Dutch cafes are not required to present a health passport when having a drink or dining on the terrace, they will soon have to do so to use the toilet, the Minister of Health said on Monday.

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Last week, Dutch authorities relaxed restrictions related to Covid-19, including ending the rule of physical distancing, but announced the introduction of a vaccine passport for bars, restaurants and festivals .

If the pass will not be necessary for those who want to enjoy a meal or a drink outside, an exception voted by the Parliament, it will however be necessary to show his passport to use the toilets of the establishment. .

“If you want to use the toilet you will have to show your QR code,” Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said on public radio NOS.

In the Netherlands, the QR code, which certifies that the person has been vaccinated, is compulsory from the age of 13.

Last week, however, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it was not a good idea to make an exception for customers sitting outside, as people would inevitably have to come in to pay their bills or even go to the bathroom.

“It could also start to rain and everyone would want to go inside,” Rutte said.

“The government wanted the vaccine passport to be present everywhere in the hotel sector,” Rinske Wieman, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, told AFP.

“It’s not to annoy people, but because they want more freedom. Unfortunately, these freedoms are not without limits, ”she added.


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