Netherlands: Suspected of stealing the data of tens of millions of people


NetherlandsSuspected of stealing the data of tens of millions of people

A Dutchman was arrested in November in Amsterdam and then detained in maximum security conditions, following an extensive investigation by the Austrian police.

the dataset contained millions of names retrieved from the Austrian television and radio license provider.

20 minutes/Simon Glauser

Dutch police have arrested a 25-year-old man suspected of stealing from the internet and attempting to resell the personal data of tens of millions of people around the world, the Dutch public prosecutor’s office revealed on Wednesday.

undercover operation

The Dutchman was arrested in November in Amsterdam, following an investigation by Austrian police who had been alerted by the appearance in a cybercrime forum of a dataset containing millions of names recovered from the provider Austrian television and radio licenses. The Austrian police mounted an undercover operation during which they bought this data, which allowed them to recover the address of a home in Amsterdam.

The arrest was only made public on Wednesday because the man was being held in maximum security conditions to prevent contact with the outside world, the Dutch public prosecutor explained. “The man is suspected of obtaining the personal data of tens of millions of people, stolen from all over the world,” Dutch prosecutors said.

Great Britain, China, Colombia…

The database it offered for sale included data from residents of Britain, China, Colombia, Thailand and the Netherlands, their statement added. The suspect was remanded on Dec. 5 for at least three months while the investigation continues, prosecutors said.


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