Networks: Macron makes his video covid bulletin

“No one is safe from this virus, no one”. He’s a little pale, but he’s fine. Tested positive for Covid, Emmanuel Macron gave his news on his Twitter and Instagram accounts this Friday. The opportunity to test a more intimate communication. The head of state, in isolation, films himself and tells the French about his misadventure with the same codes as the influencers of social networks. Like a teenager in selfie mode on Tik Tok.

Dressed in a turtleneck sweater, he begins with a hoarse hello. Emmanuel Macron says he tested positive Thursday morning. He tells : “After experiencing the first symptoms I therefore took the test, and after being positive I immediately isolated myself as the health rules require us to do. I recorded the code of this test on Tous anti-Covid so that the application can report it to all my contact cases that it would have identified and the Elysée called all the contact cases that we know and that I had frequented for the previous 48 hours “. The President thus becomes himself a textbook example to remind the steps to follow. Smart. Politicians, members of the government, international leaders, as well as members of his close security and his family are part of his range of contact cases, he says. All are also in isolation and “Have done tests”.

“Without doubt a moment of neglect”

We then go to the health check sequence: “I wanted to reassure you, I’m fine. I have the same symptoms as yesterday, that is to say fatigue, headache, dry cough, like hundreds of thousands of you who have had to live with this virus or who are living it today ‘hui’. A way of playing the card of proximity with fellow citizens. And also the “transparency” total, since the President promises to report every day on the evolution of his disease. Despite a “Slowed down activity”, he says he continues to deal with hot issues such as the management of the epidemic and Brexit.

“Continue to be really careful”, Macron urges us. He swears it, he was a good student. “I am very protected, I am very careful, I respect barrier gestures, distances, I put on the mask” and Company. He recongnizes “Maybe, without doubt, a moment of neglect, a moment of bad luck too”. The fable of the President who had caught the Covid also has a moral: “If I had not respected the barrier gestures, I would have caught it much faster, but above all I would have transmitted it during the previous hours to a lot more people.” During these holidays, the President therefore asks the French to continue to respect the rules. “I know they weigh you down, I know they are sometimes hard, but we have to hold on”. Especially since “The virus leaves even stronger” he argues, citing the 18,000 cases of Covid-19 detected on Thursday. And humbly presenting himself as one of them, one among the covids.

Margaux Lacroux


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