Neue Apple Watch Series 6 unterstützt Black Community

Apple has unveiled the Black Unity Collection of its Apple Watch Series 6, which will be available to buy from February 1st. This was designed to celebrate black culture. The collection will be available as a “Limited Edition” and contains a Black Unity Sport Band and a Unity watch face in the familiar colors of the community.

This is what the Apple Watch looks like

Support for organizations

With this campaign, Apple is also supporting six global organizations that want to ensure equality and justice for people with dark skin: the Black Lives Matter Support Fund, the European Network Against Racism, the International Institute on Race and Equality and Human Rights, the Leadership Conference Education Fund , the NAACP Legal Defense and the Educational Fund, and Souls Grown Deep.

The watch was designed in collaboration with members of the Black Community, Apple shares in a blog post With. In February, Apple basically celebrates the “Black History” month, and besides the specially designed Apple Watch, other activities are also planned. For about the entire month, Apple wants to bring dark-skinned companies to the fore in the App Store, and the same applies to music and books.

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