never-before-seen video gameplay sequences

Cyberpunk 2077 is, hopefully, closer than ever to release. Recently postponed to December 10, the new CD Projekt Red game should be the star of this end of the year. Marketing around the game is therefore intensifying and this is how we discover new Gameplay sequences with, in passing, some information on the personalization of the protagonists!

To begin with, it is via a German report that we obtain unpublished images of the game. Indeed, the site was able to obtain exclusive coverage of Cyberpunk 2077. In the company of developers, journalists presenting the universe of the title, its ambitions and its possibilities. What’s the key for us? New gameplay that allows us to see unknown corners of Night City, new interactions with NPCs or even some sequences in cars. All introduced by the German Jean-Jacques Bourdin!

But these few gameplay clips are not the only elements to reach us. Also in Germany, this time the game’s Facebook group shared some information on character customization. We already knew that the possibilities elements would be numerous, leaving you the choice of the gender and the size of the genitals of your hero, and this will be confirmed in all segments. Your teeth will be customizable, just like your nails and their length. It is difficult for the moment to know precisely what it will be possible to do, but we imagine that this could have consequences in the game.

Can we graft fangs in place of our canines to bite some enemies? Could the nails be retractable like a feline’s claws? Cyberpunk and its environment allow in any case a wide range of possibilities.

It remains to be confirmed all the playful potential of this future science fiction RPG. The plot, the dialogues, the quests will have to be up to the task so as not to disappoint the critics which, definitely, place very high expectations in Cyberpunk 2077. See you on December 10, 2020 to discover the game and in 2021 to see it in its version optimized for Xbox Series X and Series S.

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