New alert for sectors affected by the restrictions

The lack of direct aid to the affected sectors by the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the pandemic has brought many business to the limit. Not a day goes by that there isn’t one cries of alarm at the agony who live many activities.

One hundred professionals from hairdressers and beauty salons gathered yesterday in Figueres to demand a return of 10% VAT which they had eight years ago. They consider that they are an essential sector and describe as “surreal” the increase that the government applied and that is still in force today. They point out that the pandemic aggravates the situation and they demand the reduction of the tax to be able to go ahead.

“They will not stop us, we will go where necessary to be heard. Eight years ago we were punished and now we demand that it be returned to 10% “, explained Jasmine, who has a beauty center. At the rally, which was done respecting sanitary measures the mayoress of Figueres, Agnès Lladó, supported it.

On the other band, the rural tourism sector in Catalonia, with a strong presence in the counties of Girona, said yesterday that the inactivity that since the beginning of the pandemic has generated a revenue decline of about 5 million euros per month.

Remember that the absence of tourists in rural accommodation also causes collateral economic losses: the reduction of the sale of local products, decrease of sales in the small town trade, inactivity of the companies of activities and tourist services, of the sector of the restoration and of other local services.

Several entities of the Catalan rural tourism and the Agrotourism sector of the Farmers’ Union denounce that the sector is “one of the large silenced in a state of pandemic ”, and demand the resumption of activity and financial aid in order to minimize the situation in which it finds itself.

In a letter sent to different ministries they ask that an exception be applied to the limitations of citizen mobility that allow coexistence bubbles to move through the Catalan territory, from the municipality of habitual residence to a rural accommodation in which they have booked a stay.

For its part, the Barcelona Restoration Guild has released a video on social media in which he denounces the economic and emotional sequelae in those responsible for bars and restaurants of the city as a result of current restrictions in the sector. In the video, different testimonies are collected that explain how they are facing almost a year of closure and restrictions. “It’s one thing to die of the virus and another to starve and many of us are starting to starve,” warns Melissa, a restaurateur who has had to turn to the family for financial help. Others, such as Anna, relate how the mental situation is a “continuous ups and downs” and the frustration that causes him to see how restrictions in his sector do not help improve epidemiological data, while Berni, a restaurateur in the Eixample , considers that “what spreads is despair.”


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