New and disturbing details of Michael Jackson’s autopsy revealed

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009 (Shutterstock)

Michel Jackson was obsessed with privacy, so much so that he refused to let doctors approach certain parts of his body.. However, after his death in June 2009, her cosmetic surgery history and secret health problems were completely exposed during the autopsy. Now 11 years after the procedure, disturbing details about the status of the pop star were known before he died.

The first data was known last February. So, The Sun revealed that the singer had partially dissolved pills in his stomach and survived on only a small meal a day. Her hip, thighs, and shoulders were covered in puncture marks from pain reliever injections. He received daily from his personal doctor, Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for mismanaging the drug that led to the artist’s death.

Furthermore, according to the British media, the lips of the “king of pop” had been tattooed pink while his eyebrows were black tattoos and the front of his scalp had also been tattooed black to match the dark color of his hair.

Her knees were mysteriously bruised and she had cuts on her back. But the most disturbing thing that was discovered was that his wavy, shoulder-length hair was a wig attached to his head, as he was bald.

Jackson is believed to have started wearing a wig after suffering second and third degree burns during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in 1984. Shooting at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles required him to go down a short flight of stairs while fires were launched. artificial around him. But a technical problem during a shot caused sparks that hit Jackson’s face, who ended up with several injuries.

The documentary Killing Michael Jackson, Directed and produced by ZigZag, it focuses on the singer’s death and features the testimonies of Orlando Martínez, Dan Myers and Scott Smith, the three detectives who participated in the initial investigation into the musician’s death. There it was confirmed that Jackson had a tattoo on the top of his head to darken the area and hide the absence of hair.

The autopsy revealed that the singer was completely bald and wore a wig. (Shutterstock)
The autopsy revealed that the singer was completely bald and wore a wig. (Shutterstock)

“When I saw his scalp I saw how the top of his head was bald. Also, she had almost no hair on her sides.Smith detailed in the program.

Now The Mirror, revealed that the autopsy also confirmed the truth behind years of speculation about Jackson’s skin color change. He always insisted that the change in his appearance over the years was due to vitilago skin condition, which causes patches of pigmentation loss.

Christopher Rogers, the doctor who supervised the autopsy, noted that Jackson did indeed suffer from vitiligo, adding: “Therefore, some areas of the skin appear light and others dark.”

The autopsy also showed that there had been a desperate fight to save Jackson after he was found unconscious in his home. Bruises on the chest and broken ribs were due to resuscitation attempts by paramedics who tried to revive him before he was pronounced dead.

The Mirror also detailed one of the most disturbing findings on the singer’s body: the deplorable state of his feet. They were full of fungus, corns and cuts. “They looked rotten,” the newspaper said.

It is that the artist felt ashamed of his feet. He never exposed them, nor did he let anyone else treat him. The fact that he always wore socks, even in his private life, was causing very painful calluses and a fungal infection so severe that it seemed that his skin was rotting.

With his pet, a chimpanzee
With his pet, a chimpanzee

According to his doctor, Conrad Murray, the star was so obsessed with privacy that for years he refused to let anyone see his feet, let alone treat them. Instead, Jackson developed an addiction to pain relievers. Describing Jackson’s feet in his 2016 autobiography, This Is It, Murray said: “They were covered in calluses … and had an advanced chronic fungal infection. It turned out that he always wore socks because he was so embarrassed by the way his feet looked, I suggested he needed a podiatrist. A day after his feet were treated, he was surprised that he could walk and dance without pain. “

“Later I prescribed antifungal medications to clear the infection. It was a complete success. Meanwhile, I personally regularly administered lotions and massages to remove rough skin, “he revealed. And I add: “The fact that Michael’s feet, something critical to him, were in such bad shape when he died is a sign that not only had he neglected himself, but those around him were not closely monitoring his well-being.”


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