New anti-cancer weapon at the CHU de Québec

The Fondation du CHU de Québec has announced the creation of a new research chair in theranostics, a new anti-cancer weapon, particularly for patients at an advanced stage with metastases.

This method of nuclear medicine aims to improve the treatment of cancer by using isotopes.

Theranostics is an innovative treatment method that combines radioisotope therapy and advanced diagnostic imaging. One area in which the use of radioisotopes has rendered great service to medicine is that of radiotherapy.

During a virtual meeting, the Fondation du CHU de Québec presented the details of its hospital research chairs on Tuesday and the first will focus on theranostics.

Financial means

Long promised, Quebec will soon also have its cyclotron to produce isotopes. In full emergence, theranostics is obtaining good results in the targeted treatment of cancer, in particular that of the prostate. The Dr Jean-Mathieu Beauregard, clinical researcher and specialist in nuclear medicine, has developed a personalized approach.

“I am touched by the confidence that the CHU de Québec Foundation and the Research Center have shown in me by choosing me as the holder of the Foundation’s first Hospital Research Chair. This support gives me the financial means to concentrate on my work, ”he emphasizes.

Marie-Claude Paré, president of the Fondation du CHU de Québec, says she is proud of this model. “It’s a whole new way to make a real contribution to health. “

Less invasive

Unsurprisingly, we are trying to increase the survival rate of patients, improve their quality of life, as well as quickly offer less invasive and more humane treatments.

The Foundation has also announced an investment of $ 750,000 per chair over the next few years to ensure the sustainability of major research projects.

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