New Asturgar line and SRP of financial support for industrial projects in Asturias

Asturgar financing campaign

The Reciprocal Guarantee Society and the Regional Promotion Society of the Principality of Asturias have just launched the line “Covid New Opportunities“, with the objective of help Asturian companies to Overcome the crisis or to undertake new projects.

The line, endowed with 6 million euros, is addressed to companies with more than five years of antiquity in the industrial sector or services to industry, who need financing to overcome temporary difficulties in their business or to launch new activities as a result of the crisis generated by the coronavirus.

The SICKLE will provide participating loans, which will have an endorsement of Asturgar for 30% of the amount, for Viable companies that have been temporarily affected by the health situation or that have identified new business opportunities and need financing to carry them out.

Participative loans are an alternative source of financing and as such do not consume CIRBE. Loans will have a maximum amount of one million euros and may be requested in terms of between 5 and 10 years.

To facilitate operations for companies, applications and the contribution of documentation will be made online through the channel Asturgar Online.

Asturgar campaign Asturgar


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