New Banksy blooms on Nottingham walls

The anonymous artist claimed on his Instagram account, the sponsorship of a new work, on the walls of Nottingham, Great Britain.

“Well, this beauty salon took a few million”, it is with these words that the famous British street artist Banksy claimed on social networks on Saturday, the drawing of a girl playing the hula hoop with a tire of bike, which recently appeared on the wall of a Nottingham hairdressing salon.

By posting a photo of the work on his Instagram account, the artist put an end to speculation about his paternity, which had been going well since his appearance on Tuesday on the red brick wall in this city in central England.

“A lot of people come to see the drawing”

In front of the black-and-white stencil, a worn-out bicycle with a missing tire was attached to a post, which was not there before the mural, according to barber shop manager Surinder Kaur, 42.

“Everyone is very excited, and a lot, a lot of people come to see the drawing,” she told the British agency Press Association.

“Unfortunately, I don’t own this property, I am renting it out,” she added, as the Bristol-based street artist’s works sometimes reach millions at auction.

According to her, local authorities covered the work with transparent plastic film to protect it.

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