New billionaire ready to invest big in Bitcoin – “Tesla moment” approaching?

Another richard in the cryptosphere – Many wealthy investors have fallen for Bitcoin, and more look like they’re on the verge of breaking down. This is the case of billionaire Carl Icahn, who is thinking very strongly of placing a (very) large bundle of money on the king of cryptocurrencies and the new class of assets he has spawned.

A second tsunami of investment of the size equivalent to Tesla?

During a interview granted to Bloomberg, the billionaire investor Carl Icahn spoke in particular on the subject of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The businessman, who would have a net worth of approximately $ 17.5 billion, explains that he wish invest in crypto-assets “In large proportions”.

To be more precise, it could be1 to $ 1.5 billion, or as much as the investment of Tesla and Elon Musk in Bitcoin.

Although it is not passed yet purchase according to his statements, Carl Icahn explains that he studied up close the opportunities on Bitcoin, Ethereum and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

The billionaire allows himself the passage ofscratch the dollar, emphasizing that it is “A little unwelcome” to criticize cryptos as supposedly having no underlying value:

“In the end, what is the value of a dollar? The only value of the dollar is that you can use it to pay taxes (…) ”

As the remember Cointelegraph, Carl Icahn had nevertheless been rather critical sector in the past, since as recently as 2018 it had qualified Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as “Ridiculous”, specifying that it was perhaps too old for this sector and that there “Would not touch”.

It just goes to show that it’s never too late to change your mind about Bitcoin and the cryptosphere. This new announcement from a crypto-enthusiastic billionaire comes as notorious investor Ray Dalio, also a time skeptical of cryptos, has just revealed that he had bought bitcoins discreetly.

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