world New blow against international humanitarian aid in Afghanistan

New blow against international humanitarian aid in Afghanistan


An attack ended on Wednesday with the thirty years of delivery of Tetsu Nakamura to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Japanese doctor, 73, was one of the six victims of the attack that a group of strangers carried out early in the morning in Jalalabad, capital of the province of Nagarhar, east of the country. The attackers opened fire indiscriminately against the vehicles of the NGO Peace Japan Medical Services (PJMS) and fled the area.

This ambush occurred a week after an American UNAMA employee, the UN mission in Afghanistan, died because his convoy was hit with grenades in Kabul. That event put humanitarian aid back in the spotlight of the insurgency, although the Taliban issued a statement in the last hours to detach themselves from the death of Nakamura and his team. In fact, at the close of this edition no group had claimed the action.

The Taliban have decoupled from the attack and, for now, no group has claimed action

The Japanese doctor, who began his humanitarian work helping leprosy patients, was the president's personal friend, Ashraf Ghani, who granted him Afghan citizenship two months ago to thank him for his important help in the agricultural development of the country. Over the years Nakamura realized that the drought was more deadly than leprosy and that is why he went to work thoroughly, with the aim of fighting it through irrigation systems.

Dialogue with the Taliban

A spokesman for the presidency defined him as “one of Afghanistan's closest friends. He dedicated his life to helping and cooperating with our people ». The Government of Kabul, in turn, issued a statement to "vigorously condemn the heinous and cowardly attack" against a person who had been linked to the country since the 1980s. In 2003 he won the Ramón Magsaysay Prize of the Philippines for Peace and International Understanding , considered a kind of Nobel Peace Prize for Asia.

Sohrab Qaderi, a member of the Nangarhar Provincial Council, told Reuters that the deceased "has been doing a great job in rebuilding Afghanistan, especially in agriculture and irrigation." The researcher Zia Wahaj pointed out to this media that the Japanese doctor «was currently working on a project that can revolutionize agriculture in this area, since it will allow some of the water of the Kunar river to be used on Afghan soil and not only in Pakistan» .

The attack on the Peace Japan Medical Services NGO team occurred precisely on the same day that the US State Department reported the start of a new trip by its special representative for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, to Kabul and Doha to Resume talks with the Taliban. The objective of the diplomat is to negotiate "the next steps" to be taken to achieve "a peaceful solution to the war, specifically a reduction in violence that leads to a ceasefire."

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