New Boeing aircraft with engine trouble in the USA

During the flight, pilots were warned of engine trouble, although it did not appear to be injured after the emergency landing, which occurred in Salt Lake City. The aircraft belongs to the company Delta Airlines.

The engine is from the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, who also produced the engine for the Boeing 777 aircraft that broke down this weekend.

Two incidents in recent days have attracted attention after similar engines suddenly disintegrated in the air. Parts of the engine from a Boeing 777 plane crashed into a suburb of Denver, Colorado this weekend.

The same thing happened over the Dutch city of Meerssen, where two people were injured after engine parts fell from the sky.

Boeing has recommended that airlines in the rest of the world also stop using the planes until the engines have been checked.

“We are working on the inspections in the relevant countries while ensuring that the aircraft remain on the ground pending inspectors from Pratt & Whitney,” Boeing said in a statement.

Nearly 130 aircraft have now been grounded worldwide, including in the United States, Japan and South Korea. Neither SAS nor Norwegian has the relevant aircraft type in their fleet.


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