new challenge! KAI will show Hip Hop music through a new album-China Entertainment Network

  China Entertainment News On November 24th, according to the Korean media, the boy group EXO member Kim Jong-in KAI will release a new solo album on November 30th. This time, the new album KAI will have a new challenge and show a hip hop atmosphere. music.

KAI’s second mini album “Peaches” to be released on the 30th is composed of six songs including the title song “Peaches”. It includes Hip Hop-based songs that can be reminiscent of his powerful performance. It is very exciting.

It is reported that the “Domino” included in this album is a R&B Hip Hop genre with a strong atmosphere composed of heavy bass, drums, and bass Vocal. The lyrics include Domino that can’t stop once it starts. Like dominoes, you can get rid of the sight of others and your own worries, and move information with your heart.

The song “Come In” is an impressive Groovy Hip Hop dance song that uses layered bass, electronic synthesizer, and vocoder. The lyrics bluntly describe don’t hesitate in love, and be bold and close.

In addition, KAI’s new album will be officially released on November 30, and KAI will also have a live broadcast event on the day of the release of the new album.


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