New cluster in Bangkok – upcountry Pathum plant more than a thousand people

Deputy Spokesperson of Prof. Clarified the new cluster in Bangkok and other provinces Reveal the factory in Pathum more than a thousand people keep vigilant

On June 11, 1964, Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, Deputy Spokesperson of the BOE, announced the situation.Covid-19 In Thailand, Samut Prakan Province has been reportednew cluster At Amphoe Bang Sao Thong, a knitwear exporting company Found 67 new patients. Nonthaburi is still at the construction camp. with both Thai, Cambodian and Myanmar people spread in 3 districts and at Bang Yai There have been reports of infected people from Bang Yai Market. total of 12

Nakhon Pathom found a new cluster atfactoryIn Songkhla, two new clusters were found at Wachira Market, Muang District, and a rubber glove factory in Sadao District, 19 cases in Phetchaburi. in an electronic component factory Found 4 new cases (5,096 cumulative) and a new cluster. at the furniture factory in Khao Yoi District, 24 cases

Pathum Thani at the four corner market Found 13 new cases (1,704 cumulative). In addition, a new cluster has been reported. At Tyson Pole Tree Company is a chicken processing plant. There are 2,056 employees in the company, 1,114 confirmed cases and in Chanthaburi. Found a new cluster At the Thai-Cambodian market Pong Nam Ron district and in the community, 13 cases

Most of which were found infected from the surveillance system. that people with abnormal symptoms Then come to be treated in the hospital and have proactive follow-up in high and low-risk Communities, camps, construction workers, factories, which are continually encountering infected people.

In Bangkok, three new clusters have been reported, with a construction worker camp at Lak Si. of which 211 employees found 59 infected, Bang Rak at Lalai Sap Market Now there are 20 confirmed positives, including 13 traders, market sellers and seven family members investigated for infectious disease, and a sewing factory in Phasi Charoen district tested 330 and found 37 cases, which the BMA has done. keep vigilant

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