New Colombian scandal in Boca, intoxication or indiscipline?

A new scandal was unleashed in Argentine soccer, this time, the protagonists are Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa, who are said to have arrived in unfit conditions at the Boca Juniors concentration.

Apparently, The players took advantage of the free time that coach Sebastián Battaglia gave them before the duel against Newell’s Old Boys and arrived at the concentration with an alleged discomfort due to intoxication, although from Argentina the media speak of a presumed state of distress.

The surprise was presented because Edwin Cardona, Sebastián Villa and Carlos Zambrano were not taken into account in the starting list for the duel, presumably due to intoxication, but unofficially it is said that both will not continue in the team due to their repeated problems off the court. .

Media such as the newspaper Olé mention that the players, in addition to being flustered, women entered the hotel and were captured by security cameras. that they immediately informed the leaders of Boca Juniors.

Given this new fact, it is speculated that both Villa and Cardona will not continue in the Xeneize box, they are looking for a team for the former, while the latter would have to return to his club in Mexico.

In Olé they affirm that after being figures, the coach Battaglia will have to define if he is going to take them into account for the Arsenal duel.

For their part, Villa and Cardona, who have not commented on the events, posted the same image on their Instagram accounts, a mouth from which smoke comes out.


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