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Yamaguchi Prefecture and Shimonoseki City announced on the 24th that it was confirmed that 233 new people were infected with the new coronavirus.

By place of residence, ▼ Shimonoseki City has 82 people, ▼ Iwakuni City has 26 people, ▼ Hirao Town has 22 people, ▼ Ube City and Yamaguchi City have 20 people each, ▼ Shunan City has 13 people, ▼ Hofu City 11 people, ▼ Hikari City 9 people, ▼ Kudamatsu City, Mine City, Sanyo Onoda City 7 people each, ▼ Hagi City 3 people, ▼ Yanai City and Hofu Town 2 people each, ▼ Nagato City 1 person It has become.
Outside the prefecture, there is only one person in Osaka prefecture.
Of these, 22 in Hirao Town and 4 in Hikari City and Tabuse Town are inpatients and staff at medical institutions in Hirao Town where the cluster occurred.
Approximately 20% of 49 out of the 233 people announced on the 24th have no known infection route so far.
In addition, on the 24th, new clusters were announced at three locations, including facilities for the disabled in Hikari City and facilities for the elderly in Ube City and Shimonoseki City.
As of the 24th, there are 245 people admitted to medical institutions in the prefecture, ▼ 4 people with severe illness, ▼ 92 people with moderate illness, and ▼ 2191 people who are staying at the hospital. ..
On the other hand, the prefecture withdrew the one who was announced as an infected person on the 23rd because the antigen test was positive, but the PCR test confirmed that it was negative.
A total of 20,60 people have been confirmed to be infected in the prefecture.
Shimonoseki City also announced that a woman in her 90s died on the 23rd.
121 people died after being infected with the new coronavirus in the prefecture.

[14 new infections confirmed at the new Corona U.S. military Iwakuni base]
The US military Iwakuni base announced on the 24th that it was confirmed that 14 new people involved in the base were infected with the new coronavirus.

[Shimonoseki City Health Department Director Fumi Ishimaru “Early third inoculation”].
In Shimonoseki City, clusters are occurring one after another at facilities for the elderly and medical institutions where elderly people are hospitalized, and the usage rate of secured beds in the city continues to be high at about 40%.
Fumio Ishimaru, director of the Shimonoseki City Health Department, said, “The proportion of elderly people among infected people is increasing, and the burden on the medical system is increasing. I would like to ask for your cooperation so that it can be stopped. Also, I would like the elderly who wish to receive the third vaccination as soon as possible. ”

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