New COVID Vaccine Novavax: Protection Against XBB Strain & Updates on Long COVID

2023-07-15 07:20:39

New COVID Vaccine Novavax To Be Produced Specifically To The XBB Strain Expected To Be Available Later This Year Dr. Teera published the results of the study in a medical scientific journal. Even if you have been infected before, you should protect yourself regularly.

The COVID vaccine is an important factor in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, especially nowadays that there are many mutations in COVID-19.

Although it does not prevent infection 100%, it can help alleviate the symptoms of infection.

Most recently, Assoc. Chulalongkorn University Has posted a message on Facebook “Thira Woratanarat (Papa Mee Keen)” with a message about updating knowledge of COVID 19 that

Novavax will produce a vaccine specific to the XBB strain and should be available in the last quarter of the year.

The Novavax vaccine is a protein-based vaccine.

Dr. Theera stated that although he had been infected before should always protect themselves A team from Germany published a study in the medical scientific journal Frontiers in Immunology on July 13, 2023. It found that

In subjects who had received at least two previous doses of vaccine, when infected with the Omicron substrain BA.5, the resulting plasma antibody levels were lower than those infected with previous strains such as Delta and Omicron BA. 1

This finding rings a warning bell that The previously told belief that being infected would increase the immune system and that it would protect against future infections well for at least several months would not have been true in the time of the Omicron BA.5 outbreak.

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Therefore, people who have previously been infected with BA.5 are at risk of reinfection if they are not protected.

at least It’s a good thing that reminds us of the changes in the virus. that affect the response of our immune system Emphasizes the importance of defensive behavior, wearing a mask, being careful not to be in close contact with others without protection.

Dr. Teera further stated that Long COVID is the third leading cause of neurological illness in America. American media FOX32 reported on the results of a Northwestern Medicine study that tracked approximately 1,800 infections from 2020-2022.

It was found that the incidence rate of Long COVID is as high as 1 in 3 (currently, the WHO indicates that the incidence is about 10%, the US CDC states that the incidence is about 1 in 5) and indicates that Long COVID is now the cause of the illness. Neurologically the third in the United States.

However, the source did not provide details of the study. It is necessary to wait and see the full study results.

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