New crisis? ANFP left without direct promotion to the Second Division

This Tuesday afternoon, the bases of the 2021 Chilean soccer tournaments were decided. However, there is a measure that is close to unleashing a new crisis. Behind the Council of Presidents of the ANFP, The entity determined to approve the half-promotion quota for the Second Professional Division, which caused annoyance among the clubs that will participate in the championship.

The champion of the Second Division, must dispute the promotion to the First B with the penultimate of that championship. That decision caused annoyance in the clubs that will play in that category. The institutions were endorsed by a letter from Sifup in which they repudiated the measure.

The reaction of the clubs of the Second Division

The clubs of the Second Professional Division do not rule out legal action against the ANFP, so the 2021 season of Chilean football could start after the dates that had been announced in recent days.

What will be the format of the 2021 tournaments?

Within other approved measures, it was confirmed that both the First Division tournament, as well as the First B tournament, will be played with long two-wheel tournaments.

In addition, the five quotas of foreigners for both categories will be maintained, the rule of U21 minutes will not be altered and there would be a weighted table in B.

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