New: Dacia Spring, electric for everyone?

3.73 meters long, 1.62 wide: no doubt, the Dacia Spring is a real city vehicle! The design is identical to that of the concept, of which it retains the touches of orange color that highlight the details and brighten up the line.

Despite its compactness, the Spring promises interesting roominess, with room for four adults and a 300-liter trunk. Passengers also benefit from a modern multimedia system, including smartphone connection and navigation.

Built for the city, the Spring will be able to count on its turning radius of only 4.8 meters to slip through it with ease. The small 45 horsepower electric motor will be sufficient there thanks to the immediate availability of power. The low capacity battery (26.5 kWh) will also help reduce the overall weight of the car, a key element in optimizing range. That of Spring is rather interesting since it reaches 225 km according to the WLTP homologation cycle, and up to 295 km in town! More than enough to meet the mobility needs of users of this type of vehicle, who travel 31 km daily according to Dacia.

The official price is not yet known, but in accordance with the brand’s policy, it should be much lower than that of the new Renault Twingo Electric, offered from € 19,750 with us. We can therefore count on a starting price of around € 15,000.

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