“New decor, new atmosphere”: Buffalo Grill abandons Indians and cowboys

Gone are the Indians and cowboys. Buffalo Grill says goodbye to the two inspirations that guided its business from the start. Faced with the crisis, forced to reinvent itself, the fast food chain – recognizable in particular by the triangle shape of its restaurants (for the majority of them) – adopted a whole new ambition, that of becoming “the house of barbecue. “.

Nothing will really change at Buffalo Grill, where grilling is already king. The welcome salad, appreciated by loyal customers, which is even the subject of a page on Facebook, rest. Only the decoration is changing with, according to information from BFM TV, 80 million euros that will be invested in the modernization of restaurants. “Bye bye Far-West, new decor, new atmosphere”, sums up the brand in an advertising spot.

Buffalo Grill is now forced to reinvent itself to attract the public again. Against the backdrop of Covid-19, which forced restaurants to close for many months, the chain’s turnover fell by 40% in 2020. Everyone also has in mind the destiny of Flunch who, not having failed to reinvent itself, had to close stores across the country and cut several hundred jobs.

As BFM TV reminds us, the restaurant chain founded in 1980 by businessman Christian Picart had, from its beginnings, been inspired by diners American-style roadside. The company then took advantage of the closure of Total stations to set up quickly. The brand now has more than 300 restaurants across France. The chain’s appetite remains intact after taking over the Courtepaille restaurants in September 2020.

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