new details leaked before presentation

To the surprise of many, this week has been surrounded by rumors about the Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’, the long-awaited revision of the hybrid console. It all started with a report from Bloomberg, which anticipated that the hardware will be presented even before E3 2021 (June 12-15). Now however an accessory manufacturer revealed some features of the product. As it is not official information, we better take it with a grain of salt.

According to information from VandalIt is an Asian manufacturer that had access to certain specifications of the Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’, most of them aesthetic. So it seems that the console will maintain a design and size very similar to the current model. In fact, it is mentioned that it will be compatible with the Joy-Con that already exist today.

As far as the screen is concerned, it would grow until 7 inches. Recall that the standard Nintendo Switch integrates a 6.2 ″ panel, so the increase will be considerable. According to a report prior to Bloomberg, Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ screen will adopt OLED, a fairly popular technology on mobile devices. Among its main benefits is lower battery consumption, in addition to higher contrast and better color representation.

Also, the Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ would have a new support to improve your support on surfaces. It would be larger and more robust, apparently very similar to the Microsoft Surface. This extends from side to side in the rear region and can be stowed away without any problem. Regarding the microSD card slot, it seems that Nintendo changed its location to the rear.

The manufacturer claims that the Dock of the Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ will be wider, although in general terms it maintains almost the same dimensions. As regards connections, it would incorporate two USB 3.0 ports, an important leap from the USB 2.0 of the current base. Eye, also a puerto Ethernet, an element that many will receive with open arms if it becomes a reality. And it is that nobody can deny that the WiFi of the Nintendo Switch is quite deficient.

When will we see the new Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’? We do not rule out that those in Kyoto will present it next week. The device already showed up listed on Amazon Mexico, although it was removed shortly after. Beyond the novelties described above, Bloomberg said in March that the console will be compatible with Nvidia DLSS, while the Dock will be able to reach the resolution 4K. We will solve our doubts very soon.

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