New employees report in!Zhou Guanyu arrives in Switzerland before the Spring Festival to prepare for the war with his passport photos_Romeo_Alpha_Sauber

Original title: New employee registration!Zhou Guanyu arrived in Switzerland before the Spring Festival to prepare for the war

On January 26, Beijing time, Zhou Guanyu, China’s first official F1 driver, updated his social media. Zhou Guanyu posted a photo of the Sauber (ie Alfa Romeo team) driver’s ID photo and wrote: New employees report. In the new season, Zhou Guanyu and Bottas will represent the Alfa Romeo team in F1.

Since the official announcement of joining the Alfa Romeo team on November 16 last year and becoming the first person in F1 in China, the “those things” about Zhou Guanyu and F1 have gradually come to light.

Earlier this month, a number of foreign media revealed that Zhou Guanyu’s contract with the Alfa Romeo team expired at the end of this year, that is, only a one-year contract was initially signed. Then there were reports that Zhou Guanyu, Mick Schumacher, Ma Zeping and Latifi had an annual salary of around $1 million.

On January 19, the F1 official website updated the driver list and season ID photos. Today, Zhou Guanyu showed his ID photo on social media again. It can be seen from the address bar that Zhou Guanyu is currently at the team headquarters in Switzerland. It should be noted that Alfa-Romeo is a joint venture with Sauber Racing Company. Although the team is called the Oren Alfa-Romeo F1 Team, it is actually the former Sauber team in operation.

Some car fans leave a message joking that overtime during the Spring Festival is three times the salary.Of course, there are also netizens leaving a message: Come on[赞], I have time to share more about the feeling of driving F1, I only know F1 because of you!

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