new feature of ‘flash calls’ in Android; what is it about and more

It is a security option, of which they had already been talking, but many of its characteristics were not known. As explained by Wabetainfo, the function was named as ‘flash calls’, it will be available in a future update and it will only be enabled on Android.

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This was the publication on Twitter of the portal specialized in the ‘app’, owned by Facebook:

What are ‘flash calls’ from WhatsApp?

Currently, the application has two forms of verification: via SMS and a call in which the digits are shared by audio, a form that is used by computer scammers to access the information of others.

With the ‘flash calls’, the ‘app’ will provide one more option to check the accounts and will work as follows: “WhatsApp will call your phone number and then automatically end the call”.

The process does not require the user to answer, since the instant messaging application will ratify the verification, accessing the call log. When it detects that your number is in the history, it will automatically complete the procedure.

As Wabetainfo says, this can be more secure because the numbers that call your users are always different. However, people must allow WhatsApp to access the call history.

Below you will find a screenshot that the quoted outlet shared:

Screenshot of Wabetainfo

WhatsApp ‘flash calls’ details

Wabetainfo commented that this tool will not be available on iOS, because “Apple does not offer any public API to read call history”.

Finally, clarified that the function is optional, it will be used exclusively for the aforementioned purpose and that people can continue to use the verification code that is received by SMS or by phone call.


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