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Currently, Chrome OS Canary and Dev Channel have reached an OS version of 105, with new features and improvements compared to 103. It was reported that new features added in Chrome OS 105 could improve and extend the battery life of Chromebooks.

Currently, on ChromeOS 105 (Dev), a flag called “Quick intensive throttling after loading” has been added that affects the behavior of Javascript on tabs that are open in the browser but not used.

Quick intensive throttling after loading

For pages that are loaded when backgrounded, activates intensive throttling after 10 seconds instead of the default 5 minutes. Intensive throttling will limit wake ups, from setTimeout and setInterval tasks with a high nesting level and delayed scheduler.postTask tasks, to 1 per minute.


I will omit it because I can not tell you the explanation of the function accurately,With this feature enabled, your Chromebook’s battery life will be extended by about 10%.Can be expected to be done.

That said, I’m not sure how much improvement I’ll see in the real world, and at this point I can only try it with Canary and Dev, and I don’t expect it to arrive at Stable for at least a few weeks. increase. Please note that this change will be reflected not only on Chromebooks but also on desktop Chrome browsers, so it will affect the entire device using the Chrome browser.

Although it has a lot of functions, it is annoying because it consumes power and battery, but I am grateful that these changes will improve it, and I would like to expect it.


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