New fees: Credit Suisse is deducting 5 francs from customers’ savings accounts

Saving has not been worthwhile for a long time. The persistently low interest rates are to blame. Cash amounts in the account therefore hardly yield anything. In addition, many banks have negative interest rates above a certain amount.

At Credit Suisse (CS), savers will soon have to bleed additionally. From May they will pay 5 francs a month for their savings account, as the financial blog «Inside Paradeplatz»Writes. However, the fee can be avoided – for example with the new in-house app CSX. Customers should be able to handle their daily banking transactions digitally.

A CS spokeswoman confirmed on request: “The savings account is still free of charge if customers also use other Credit Suisse solutions. If this is not the case, it will be converted into a fee-based private account. ” With CSX, customers would still have the option of a free account solution. In addition, other alternatives would be available, such as package solutions.

With the app, according to the spokeswoman, account opening, account management, the Debit Mastercard, the use of online banking as well as payment transactions and purchases with the Debit Mastercard in Switzerland, abroad and in online shops are free. “Fees apply for additional services, such as cash withdrawals or investments in funds.”

CS advertises that customers can use the new CSX app to open an account within 10 minutes. As «Inside Paradeplatz» writes, there is a queue during the registration process. “45 minutes to the CSX account are not uncommon,” says the financial blog. Older customers in particular would find the procedure difficult. The CS spokeswoman emphasizes that the account opening usually does not take longer than 10 minutes. “For customers who would like to be guided through the process step by step, our advisors are available in the office or by phone.”

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