New Gogoro Delight Test Ride: From design to function for you

In fact, at the beginning, the author did not catch a cold at all about the so-called female users. I have seen too many products that are claimed to be women’s needs by changing the pink color, adding a rhinestone painting, and shrinking it. Problems and pain points of female users. The new Gogoro Delight was launched in mid-July. When I first saw it, I only had OS in my heart: “I want to make money from girls again.” Until I tried it myself to understand it, I just wanted to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

The new Gogoro Delight test ride: from design to function for your sake, feel comfortable riding

As a person who grew up in Kaohsiung, he obtained his motorcycle driver’s license as an adult and entered his motorcycle riding career early. He has probably more than 15 years of motorcycle experience. Among the models on the market, it is nothing more than emphasizing power, strength, and good-looking models. It seems that more details related to knights have been ignored, especially as a woman with weak innate conditions such as body shape and strength, and different daily needs, In the face of these car models, sometimes there are many powerlessness and regrets.

The new Gogoro Delight is Taiwan’s first electric scooter designed by a female team. Say goodbye to the rough classification of “color distinction”, and inject all new elements to meet the needs of women. Big troubles, small troubles, create an exclusive female riding experience, all kinds of caring like your good girlfriends.

Lightweight and labor-saving, the all-new Gogoro Delight makes cycling less of a chore

The overall design of Gogoro Delight is based on “lightness”. The so-called lightness here does not mean that the weight of the car body has become very light, but it focuses on reducing the burden on women’s physical fitness and physical strength, so that matters derived from cycling and commuting are no longer is your trouble. In this model, there are many small designs that help women share the “burden”, and it can be so easy to ride out.

Auxiliary power, good pull

As a female motorcycle rider, the number one trouble in my heart is “leadership”. I have to adjust the direction forward or backward while walking with the motorcycle for a while, especially when encountering a slope. The strength of the milk was so busy that I was sweating, and when I took off my helmet, I just wanted to give a Jingtao-style shout.(Then quickly find a place to wipe sweat and touch up makeup). There is an automatic reversing button in front of the left hand grip of the Gogoro Delight, gently press the vehicle to move backward slowly. If you want to move forward, Gogoro Delight will also help you. Press and hold the left direction light for 2 seconds to start automatic forward jogging (pressing for 2 seconds is to prevent accidental touches, which is good), replacing the past with intelligent power assistance A deadlock with arm and leg strength.

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This feature can be turned on in a dedicated app.

It’s so easy and casual, I don’t need to push the car body and control the direction of the faucet. Gogoro Delight will take care of the rest, so that you can face the lead in a more elegant manner.

Effortless central pillar, good parking

“Stepping on the center column” is a weakness of most women. In the past, after you stepped on it, you had to help it to stop using the lever principle. If the force is not enough, you may not be able to step on it. Improper force will also hurt your waist. I have personal pain, especially after my coccyx was injured, stepping on the center column is a time bomb that may trigger old injuries at any time, and stepping on the center column while wearing high heels is even more difficult.(will also be stopped by the Internet public trial without stepping on the center column). Gogoro Delight uses a labor-saving center column, and you can also stand up the center column to turn off the flame. It is stable when you step on it, and parking is as simple as that.

Low body, ride well

Women are definitely not as tall as men, but the chassis of most cars on the market is still too high for petite women. When stopping at a red light or pausing on the side of the road, you must stand on tiptoe to step on the ground. Step on it but it wobbles unsteadily and has to work your toes for grip. Gogoro Delight lowers the chassis to the lowest 729mm in the entire car series, allowing you to pedal easily and effortlessly.

Flat seat cushion, sit well

There is a big problem when riding a traditional motorcycle, that is, with the vibration along the way, your body will continue to slide forward, especially when wearing light and soft chiffon or skirts and trousers of smoother fabrics. , I had to adjust my sitting position every time I stopped at the red light, it was embarrassing to move around! Gogoro Delight smoothes the inclination of the seat cushion, allowing you to sit firmly on your own throne.

All-round care, the new Gogoro Delight gives you more sense of security

Girls are like delicate flowers that need to be taken care of. No matter how strong women are, they want to be held in the palm of their hands. With thoughtful protection, you can show your personal style more confidently and at ease. Gogoro Delight has added many thoughtful features to make your every ride feel full of security.

Anti-collision cushion, very comfortable

When riding a traditional motorcycle, the brakes or driving vibrations will inevitably cause your knees to collide and contact the front bumper panel from time to time. The sudden pain will catch you off guard, and bruising on your knees is a common occurrence. The Gogoro Delight has added a soft honeycomb cushioning AIRCUSH cushion to the front cushion, which can withstand the impact to the greatest extent and reduce the discomfort and pain during collision.

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Peace of mind escort lights, good night travel

When you come home at night, does the dark alley or the parking lot make you panic like a giant monster? In addition to upgrading the original escort lights to higher-brightness Class D LEDs on Gogoro Delight, the “Light Delay Off” function in the app has also added the thoughtful design of the safety escort lights, which light up the direction after you park. Lights, etc., use brighter light to escort you home safely along the way, so that night travel is no longer scary.

U-shaped trunk lighting and storage space planning, at a glance

When you throw small things in the storage box and want to take them out for use, you have to rummage in it, especially in a poorly lit environment in the parking lot, you almost have to turn out the entire storage box to find it.(Then you have to put things back in again…). Gogoro Delight is equipped with a U-shaped car light in the glove compartment, which automatically lights up as long as the seat cushion is lifted, illuminating your sight with bright light, and you don’t have to rummage for small things in the dark.

As far as the author is concerned, because I often forget things, I am used to keeping backup keys and some change at home in the storage box, so as to prevent falling into a desperate situation and no way to ask for help when I forget to bring my keys and wallet. In addition, car owners who have storage needs can choose an extra-capacity pocket bag to put on the Gogoro Delight glove compartment cover (under the seat cushion), and a magnetic pocket pocket can also be installed in the storage compartment. Items such as water bottles, wipes, or disposable raincoats allow you to make the most of your storage compartment space.

Life needs a sense of ritual, the new Gogoro Delight makes your riding more delicate

For busy modern people, the sense of ritual in life is a kind of healing and symbol. At the same time, through various small sense of ritual, every daily trivial matter becomes more delicate and more textured, which is also indispensable in everyone’s heart. Small luck. Gogoro Delight has added many intimate details that are loved by women, adding more small easter eggs to the daily riding.

The storage box is no longer smelly, so fresh

I always struggle when I want to put my coat and sun hat in the storage box, because the stuffy confined space is always easy to contaminate these textiles with a stinky smell. The next time I take it out and wear it, I will be unhappy just by smelling that smell. . The storage box of Gogoro Delight is not only made of antibacterial material, but also equipped with a fragrance group, and the fragrance bag inside can be replaced regularly, so that every time you open the storage box, you are no longer in a bad mood.

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Antibacterial handle isolates bacteria and is very clean

The handle of the motorcycle faucet is the key to control that you absolutely need to hold in your hand when riding, but under the wind, the sun, and the rain, all kinds of dirt will gradually accumulate on the handle and breed bacteria. There are only three words in the hand feeling: “uncomfortable”. The handle of Gogoro Delight is made of antibacterial material, so that bacteria have nowhere to settle, taking into account the comfortable feel and hygiene, so that your hands are no longer in close contact with bacteria.

Hidden cup holder for easy storage

In the hot summer, you can quench your thirst and cool down with a cold drink, but when you are ready to ride, where should you put the drink? Say goodbye to ugly plastic bags, there is a hidden cup holder on the front panel of the Gogoro Delight, which can be slowly popped out with a light touch, so that you can put your drinks firmly at your fingertips, no more swaying and splashing, When not in use, it is easy to retract and does not take up space.

Urban women’s riding should feel as confident as the new Gogoro Delight

In the environment of Taiwan, riding a motorcycle is a very common mode of transportation. Even if it is a necessary fortification in daily life, as a woman, as a woman, I hope to be more textured, so that every ride will exude a confident brilliance, and use the most pleasant way The mood and the most elegant posture meet the challenges of every day.

Gogoro Delight takes “you” as the starting point, and tailors the details and functions you want most. It fully meets the needs of female knights from the inside out. The stylish color matching, comfortable and comfortable riding feeling, also improve the Your most important sense of security, turns all the pain points that you will think of when cycling into bright spots worthy of happiness. Coupled with a variety of accessories that can be purchased separately, specially designed to meet the needs of various women (including backrests, magnetic bag hooks, etc.), a person’s riding is still smooth and comfortable, how to feel comfortable!

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