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New graffiti appears on the Iberian site of Palamós Castle

The graffiti that have appeared on the Iberian site of Palamós Castle. Image of May 28, 2021. (Horizontal)

The Museum of Archeology of Catalonia (MAC-Ullastret) has reported the appearance of new graffiti on the Iberian site of Palamós Castle (Baix Empordà), declared Cultural Asset of National Interest (BCIN). According to Ràdio Palamós and confirmed by the MAC to the ACN, the large graphite was detected last Saturday on the wall near the entrance area and this is the third time in the last three years that it has been built. In fact, this has appeared in the same place as one that existed last summer and MAC officials believe it could be the same authors.

The facts take place a little over a month after the criminal court 1 of Girona acquitted two young people who were facing 1 year and a half in prison for those who appeared at the site in 2017. The sentence left them unpunished because he did not consider it proven that the two prosecuted do the graffiti with the signatures Sherpa ‘and’ Soul Jah JM‘, dollar symbols, flowers or names ‘Cristina i Marina’ to the cistern and the wall of the site.

The prosecution and the Generalitat accused them of a crime of damage against historical heritage. New graffiti on the Iberian site of Palamós. In a routine check, the MAC located a large graphite on Saturday in a brick mound that supports an Iberian wall. This is the same point where another graffiti appeared almost a year ago. In fact, the director of MAC-Ullastret, Gabriel de Pradro, believes that it could be the same author or authors.

The facts have already been brought to the attention of the Mossos d’Esquadra and it is estimated that repairing the damage will cost about 1,500 euros. De Pradro, however, points out that the costs are always higher and that this type of crime against heritage must be prosecuted. In addition, he assures that in this case it is not so much the patrimonial affectation as the visual impact in a space that has the maximum protection. At the moment, there is no evidence of who may have committed the robbery but de Prado insists that it needs to be investigated to prevent it from happening again.


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