New images of the black DualSense from the PS5

Still not confirmed by Sony, the existence of a black DualSense for the PlayStation 5 is nevertheless being talked about again today.

Although there is no doubt that Sony will offer controllers in different colors once the PlayStation 5 is commercially available, the Japanese giant has still not communicated about the many rumors concerning a black version of its DualSense. However, it is good this famous controller which is revealed today via a whole new series of pictures.

The Federal Communications Commission who analyzes all technological devices before their release in the trade has indeed seen different photos become public on the internet, revealing the famous black controller in all its glory. It is not known if the controller shown in the photos will see the light of day sooner or later, but the images visible below confirm its existence.

In addition, we are entitled to a new look inside the controller, to show us what the new vibration motors look like.


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