New Latin American Music with Dom La Nena and Leonor Harispe (Cuarteto Tafi)

Published on : 05/03/2021 – 22:01

After playing the cello with Jane Birkin, Jeanne Moreau, Étienne Daho or Piers Faccini, Dom La Nena pull out his 3th new solo album Time, and it was at home in Paris and sitting on the floor that the Brazilian cellist told her wonderful story of the time, the writing, and the compositions of this new album. When she’s not playing with Rosemary Standley of Birds on a Wire, Dom composes, records his loops, multiplies the tracks and reflects on the passing of time as on the weather. On Tempo, the Mexican artist Julieta Vengas (nearly 3 million subscribers on Facebook) is invited on a title. Instrumental, whispered or sung in several languages, it’s Tempo!

Dom La Nena (photo Rob Jacobs) and Dom La Nena (Six degrees rd).
Dom La Nena (photo Rob Jacobs) and Dom La Nena (Six degrees rd). © Rob Jacobs / Six degrees rd

Extracts from the album Time of Dom La Nena on RFI: Tme, everything has its end, see the clip, Valsa, who could know feat. Julieta Venegas, see the clip, Sweet to dream.

Then we get Leonor Harispe, the voice and author of Tafi Quartet, based in Toulouse.

The Tafí Quartet offers music conscious of its origins, mixed and current. Cuarteto Tafi are songs in Spanish, as engaged as they are poetic, carried by traveling music with modern sounds.

Tafi Quartet.Tafi Quartet.
Tafi Quartet. © Alexandre Ollier

Around Eleanor Harispe, radiant Argentine singer with a remarkable stage presence, Ludovic Deny (Greek Bouzouki), Matthieu Guenez (Guitar and Oud) and Frédéric Theiler (Percussions) impose themselves with force on their 4th album, Dawn, irresistibly energetic and poetic.

With the participation of Leïla Martial, Deep Kelins, Matthieu Saglio, Serge Lopez, Jean-Luc Amestoy and Ghislain Rivera.

Extracts from the album Dawn of Tafi Quartet on RFI: The song of the South see the clip, The Silence of the tempo, Frida Libre, I am the Indigo feat. Leïla Martial, Not One Less, We Are From Earth see the clip.

Tafi Quartet.Tafi Quartet.
Tafi Quartet. © Illustration Sarah Butsavage

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