New leaks about Battlefield 6. Insider shared details about the game’s plot

Earlier in the network leaked full trailer for Battlefield 6… According to available information obtained by Eurogamer, this trailer was created by Electronic Arts for internal use… However, the videos were actively removed from YouTube at the request of the company.

Insider Tom Henderson has already provided information about the game on his Twitter account. It was later confirmed by other leaks. Has become known that the players will visit the Japanese spaceport and there will be robotic dogs in the game.

Tom shared some details about the game:

  • setting – near future
  • duration – after Battlefield 4
  • it looks like there will be a “world war”
  • conflict between Russia and the United States (possibly players will visit Kazakhstan)
  • 128 players
  • player – elite mercenary fighter
  • classes will receive unique perks

As a reminder, EA has not yet released an official trailer for the game.

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