New lockdown – Hairdressers, florists, booksellers: those who open, those who close

The new measures come into force on Monday, January 18. Overview of businesses authorized or not to welcome customers.

Florists are on the list of shops authorized to open from Monday, January 18.

Florists are on the list of shops authorized to open from Monday, January 18.

Laurent Guiraud

AT from Monday you can buy a beanie, but not of shoes. Flowers or a objective for thecamera, but no book, unless it has been ordered.

AT a few days ofa new semi-containment, an update on businesses and services authorized or not to open during the coming weeks.

Hairdressing and beauty salon: open

No need to rush to your hairdresser or her beautician before next week. Because this time, hairdressing salons andaesthetics escape forced closures. President of the Geneva section of Coiffure Suisse, Claudine Schmid says her relief: «We have been hit hard by the latest closures. We have written to Federal Councilor Berset explaining that our salons do nothave never been places of contamination. We will continue to respect barrier gestures

Yes for the food, no for the clothes

To establish a list of stores open or intended for closure, it is necessary tofirst distinguish what is a common consumer good from what is notis not, within the meaning of’Afederal administration.

Shops will then be opened offering foodstuffs and basic necessities, namely drugstore products (soaps, deodorants, perfumes, hand creams, cosmetics or diapers), tableware and tableware, kitchen utensils. kitchen, cleaning and maintenance products, newspapers and stationery products as well as food and kitchen products.hygiene for animals.

It goes without saying that the purchase or repair of glasses remains possible and that pharmacies, drugstores, stores selling hearing aids, orthopedic products or other medical aids are not affected by the closure.

The Federal Council has also added batteries, batteries and photography supplies to the list of products available for sale.

If you absolutely have to buy clothes, know that only sales of hosiery, underwear and baby clothes can be sold between January 18 and the end of February. A shirt or a dress? It is no, or only with businesses that apply the click and collect.

Green light for shops, kiosks and markets

With this in mind, kiosks and service station shops remain open to the population. They even benefit from the new measures since the obligation to close after 7 p.m. and on Sundays is lifted.

This relaxation salso applies in shops at stations and airports. But beware, only essential shops can open.

Finally, the food and flower markets will be open from the 18th January according to usual hours and days.

Garden center and DIY stores

Planting season is approaching and gardeners will be happy to know thatthey will be able to acquire their soil or their seeds in the coming weeks. Because unlike fermetures ordonnates at In March, garden centers, hardware stores and DIY stores are on the list of businesses authorized to open.

Repair shops and garages also continue to welcome their customers.

Bookstores closed, libraries partially open

The book, an essential good? For the Federal Council, cis no. Bookstores will therefore not reopen Monday morning, except to withdraw ordered purchases.

As for libraries, they may open under certain conditions. They I know limit at the loan but ban theaccess to reading and working rooms and forgo organized activities.

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