New massive robbery in SITP bus in Bogotá this Monday, January 25

This Monday, another massive robbery was carried out on a bus from SITP. Now those affected were citizens who They were mobilized along Calle 72 with Carrera 90, a sector that belongs to the west of Bogota.

The witnesses of robo gave details of the fact in dialogue with Blu Radio and they specified that they were intimidated by two thieves carrying firearms and knives. According to the driver of the vehicle, about 10 people were in it at the time the criminals got on.

“They pointed guns at us, they were two men in dark jackets and blue pants (…) My cell phone was saved because I managed to throw it on the floor and the thieves did not notice. They make it impossible and they tie you up with firearms so nothing can be done”, The driver told the station.

In the robbery, no passengers were injured by the robbers. However, the residents of the sector are constantly complaining that thieves have whipped that area and that the robberies of both passers-by and buses are daily bread.

January has been marked by massive robberies on buses of the public transport system. In the first week of the year a thief who had carried out a robbery was killed to the passengers of a bus that traveled the Avenida Boyacá. For its part, last week there were two robberies in articulated: the first of them occurred in a Transmilenio feeder that was mobilized by the La Resurrección neighborhood (Rafael Uribe Uribe town), while the second was last Thursday, when criminals assaulted the passengers at 5:20 am of a SITP that was going through the Candelaria La Nueva neighborhood.


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