New measures to discourage Canadians from traveling?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke on Tuesday of the possibility that his government could impose additional measures to deter Canadians from traveling abroad despite the pandemic.

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“Canadians are asked to stay here at home. Especially since, day by day, the ministers continue to assess the various issues, and we could impose new measures without notice, depending on the situation, ”he said at a press briefing in front of his residence in Rideau Cottage .

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Mr. Trudeau did not provide more details on what is being considered, merely recalling measures that are already in force, such as the imposition of fines under the Quarantine Act.

Public health in Canada recommends avoiding all non-essential travel. However, many Canadians ignore this advice and travel abroad.

“We recognize that the constitution allows people to travel, but at the same time we also have the obligation and the right to impose extremely severe conditions and penalties for those who would endanger Canadians,” added Mr. Trudeau. .

The Prime Minister mentioned in passing that Ottawa was paying particular attention to the new variants of COVID-19 first reported in South Africa and Brazil, in particular.

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