New MSI Gaming Laptops Swear By Intel and Nvidia Chips

MSI is renewing its entire range of gaming laptops. Unsurprisingly and like all its competitors, the brand presented machines that will all be doped with the latest GeForce RTX 3000 from Nvidia.
These graphics cards will be housed in more or less flashy machines but which all have one goal: to run your favorite games without flinching.

MSI’s best technology showcase for 2021 is arguably the GE76 Raider Dragon Edition Tiamat, whose hood is completely crafted and stamped with a threatening dragon, the emblem of the brand.

In addition to Nvidia graphics cards, these are Intel 10 processorse generation (up to Core i9) which were announced in all the renewed but well-known machines.
The GE76 Raider, GE66 Raider, GS66 Stealth, GP76 Leopard, GP66 Leopard, GF75 Thin, GF65 Thin will therefore be the numbers of all the new laptops that will land in a few weeks on the shelves.

New member of the MSI range, the Stealth 15M, an ultraportable gamer armed with the most powerful Intel Core H35s. It weighs only 1.7 kg and its thickness would not exceed 1.65 cm according to its technical sheet. For the game, it would ship a GeForce RTX 3060. Something to have fun everywhere, all the time, in 1080p.

The machine to create, the Creator 15, is also brought up to date with Nvidia chips. She retains her talents for imaging with a factory calibrated screen.

Amazing thing: no Ryzen 5000 chip from AMD was not mentioned during the conference. And we have not seen any trace of it in all the technical sheets that have been communicated to us.

No price or date of availability has been given yet. MSI France will undoubtedly come back to us quickly with more concrete elements and precise configurations since, according to Nvidia, the launch of the RTX 30 machines should start from the end of January.

Very fast Full HD panels and big batteries

After examining MSI’s first global technical sheets, this is what we were able to draw, the screens offered on all ranges can reach refresh rates of 144, 240 or 300 Hz, to offer increased fluidity in the game. is also offered, but in 60 Hz only.

Our gaming laptops must be able to be nomadic and be used without a plug within reach of an adapter. MSI will therefore offer machines with 99.9 Whr batteries. This will be the case in particular with the GS66 Stealth, one of the finest and 15-inch all-rounder of the brand.

A new control interface common to all machines is deployed. Its design is quite clean and the features are readable and understandable. It will change us from certain versions imagined and proposed by the competition. However, we reserve our final judgment for our future tests.

BAR, Wi-Fi 6E and Cooler Boost 5

On the side of technologies common to all these machines, we find the whole panoply announced by Nvidia during the conference last night, including the BAR (Base Access Register), which allows the processor CPU to have access to live graphics memory and thus take over certain processes more quickly, in order to increase the number of frames per second computed at the end of travel by the GPU.

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In terms of wireless network, just like Razer, MSI announces the implementation of modules Wi-Fi 6E in Creator, GE and GS configurations so that they are ready to surf at very high speed as soon as the standard is better implemented in our routers. The other ranges will have to be satisfied with the classic Wi-Fi 6.

Finally, MSI announces that it has reworked the cooling system of all laptops. The Cooler Booster 5, consisting of its two fans and six copper pipes, would dissipate more calories, while maintaining a tolerable noise level and temperatures as low as possible on the components and inside the case.

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