New Nissan Qashqai officially! Hybrid, safer, with better equipment, but still yours

In 2007, the Nissan Qashqai established a compact crossover segment. After three million units sold, comes its third generation.

Nissan continues to make an intergenerational transformation to its SUV offering by presenting a new generation of its best-selling model in Europe. This is a compact Qashqai crossover, which is coming in its third generation. It relies on a completely new design and modern technology.

Bigger, more spacious

Despite these changes, however, the novelty remains the characteristic compact crossover that Qashqai pioneered. The overall silhouette is thus practically preserved, although the whole looks more muscular and uses sharper lines. The distinguishing feature is an enlarged radiator grille and special headlights. Thanks to the use of diodes, they are slimmer; The specialty is the possibility of Matrix LED headlights, which adjust the light beam as needed.

In terms of size, the new Qashqai has grown slightly. With a length of 4,425 mm, it is 35 mm longer than its predecessor, the wheelbase has stretched 20 mm to 2,666 mm. In addition, the car is also wider and taller.

The increase in external dimensions not only helps the internal space for the crew, but also the luggage compartment. Its volume increased by 50 liters (to 451 liters), partly due to a 20 mm reduction in the floor, which made Nissan stand out thanks to the redesigned rear suspension design.

This interior is newly designed. It uses state-of-the-art solutions, such as a digital instrument panel with a 12.3 “screen and a configurable display or a 10.8” head-up display that projects information directly on the windshield, but also retains the classic controls. Nissan emphasizes that the design took into account the usability and ergonomics of the controls. Thanks to the thinner A-pillars, the greater inclination of the windscreen or the movement of the exterior mirrors from the pillars to the doors, it should be better visible from the car.

Overall, the interior should also be more premium than before. The multimedia system uses a free-standing nine-inch touch screen and does not lack Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functions. USB chargers in both USB-A and USB-C standards or rear doors opening to an angle of 90 ° should also be a practical element for the crew.

Exclusively hybrids

As Nissan has already announced, the range of motors is betting on the electrification trend. The basis is a petrol mildhybrid 1.3 DIG-T, available in two power versions – with 103 and 116 kW. In this case, the internal combustion engine is supplemented by an electric motor, which draws energy from lithium-ion batteries recharged by brake energy recuperation. The system weighs only 22 kg, and the carmaker claims to provide more power than competing solutions.

In the case of the more powerful version, it will also be possible to purchase the mildhybrid in combination with the X-Tronic CVT transmission, for which all-wheel drive will also be available. It uses a new control system, while offering five different setting modes, adjusting its characteristics.

The key novelty, however, is the e-Power hybrid, which Nissan will offer for the first time in Europe. The innovative system in Qashqai combines a 115 kW petrol engine with an energy generator, inverter and 140 kW electric motor. The front-wheel drive is taken care of by the electric unit, when the combustion unit functions exclusively as a generator of electric energy. According to the manufacturer, this ensures the advantages of electric cars (linear acceleration) without their disadvantages (need to recharge batteries). The internal combustion engine should always run at the optimum speed for lower fuel consumption. Turbodiesely new Qashqai no longer offers.

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New construction

It is with electrified motors that the car’s construction is related. This is a completely new one, in the form of the CMF-C alliance platform, which is appearing in Renault-Nissan’s European offer for the first time.

It uses a newly adjusted power steering for better response or a modified adjustment of the McPherson struts, at the rear there is a torsion bar on the front-wheel drive versions, while on the ATV there is a multi-link suspension.

However, the main advantage should be lower weight, thanks to advanced welding and pressing techniques, as well as lighter components. In total, the basic construction of the car is 60 kg lighter than the original model and at the same time 41% stiffer. In particular, the composite boot lid saved 2.6 kg, the aluminum front and rear doors as well as the fenders and bonnet reduced weight by 21 kg.

Safer than before

The latest security assistants are also present. The ProPilot automated driving system has been further improved, now called the ProPilot with Navi-link. It continues to combine adaptive cruise control with stop & go and lane-keeping, but now adds to working with navigation or blind spot monitoring data. The Qashqai is now able to adapt to the currently permitted speed limit or automatically brake before a turn, as well as to prevent a lane change if another vehicle is driving in the side.

A novelty is also the so-called side protection, which warns of an imminent collision with an object on the side of the vehicle, typically when turning to a parking space. Qashqai also automatically brakes when reversing if it detects a potential collision hazard. In any case, safety is not only monitored by electronics, a new element is also the standard central airbag between the front seats, which protects the crew in the event of a side impact.

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The third-generation Nissan Qashqai is basically a British project. The design was created in the center of Nissan in London, while the development took place at the headquarters in Carnfield, England. And in Britain, the car will also be manufactured, specifically at the Sunderland plant.


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