New oil refinery will operate at the end of 2020 in Puerto Cortés – LA TRIBUNA

The general manager of the fuel refinery in Puerto Cortés, Arnoldo Avilés, informed that at the end of the year the plant will start operations.

This would be the first refining plant in the country, and would come to ease the price of petroleum products a bit.

Honduras does not exploit or produce or refine its derivatives, which makes the price more expensive because it depends on external factors such as the price of the currency.

“We are already ready to start and by the end of the year the first fuel production for our country will be ready,” helping the energy independence of Honduras, “he said.

“The production includes fuels such as gasoline, diesel, asphalt, oil, among other products,” he said.

As for production, he mentioned that “the first phase is 13,000 barrels, 500,000 gallons per day, until it reaches 2 million and a half in the four stages.”


In this regard, he stated that “we hope this will help lower the price of fuels.”

However, he recalled that “it is the State that puts the values ​​and manages the prices, we are presenting our ideas to try to make the final consumer have a discount.”

He said they hope they have no problems with those who supply the country with oil, since they will not sell in detail.

“We are going to sell to some distributors with whom negotiations are already being made, we hope that this is not a problem because our project is to refine, not sell in detail,” he concluded.

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  1. Espero que esto trabaje para el bien del Pueblo, soy trabajador de refineria en llos estados unidos, quiero regresar a mi paiz haber si me dejan trabajar Alli, Les deseo mucha suerte.


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