New OM Deputy CEO already targeted by supporters

He could have dreamed of a more pleasant welcome. Thursday, Hugues Ouvrard was appointed by President Jacques-Henri Eyraud as new Deputy Managing Director of Olympique de Marseille. An executive passed by Microsoft, EA Sports or SFR, which will participate, according to OM, in “the second phase of club development” since the arrival of the current management in 2016. Except that this arrival does not please everyone world.

On Twitter, messages written or supposedly written by Hugues Ouvrard were exhumed by several supporters. Writings on which the new “head of business” of OM would have revealed his preference for … PSG. Marseille fans, on the same social network, then poured a torrent of insults towards their new leader.

And the insults went beyond social media since the walls of the Commandery, the OM training center, were tagged at night. “Ouvrard tes vies”, “Ici c’est pas Paris”, can we read in particular next to a “JHE resignation”, addressed to the president of the Marseille club.

Hugues Ouvrard therefore had an eventful first day. In the press release announcing his arrival, he nevertheless recalled his Marseille past: “I almost started my professional career in Marseille with OM and I kept my ties there. To find the club 20 years later is a great honor and a unique opportunity at a key moment in its development. In 1999, he was in charge of the development of the OMTV channel.

Insulted on the networks, Hugues Ouvrard replied on this same support. While thanking the messages of support received by other Marseille fans, he evokes many “fakes for the most part” of tweets exhumed, “out of context” for others. “The insult tweets are fake,” he insists. Before concluding: “If you like the real ones, don’t believe the fake tweets. I’m going to get high for OM, it’s a kid’s dream to come back 20 years after mounting OMTV. Count on me to get high for the club. “

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