New Orleans Pelicans top players

In July, Inside Basket offers you a Top 10 All-Time of the best players of each NBA team every day. These Tops are completely subjective and will of course not please everyone. Feel free to add the missing players in the comments!

Today, we travel to Louisiana to learn about the old Hornets versions New Orleans, which later became the Pelicans.

Ryan Anderson is an interior who goes to shoot 3pts … So he is the second best trigger on the team!

Eric Gordon is the 5th scorer of the Pelicans.

Peja did not shine with the Kings, it is also the best 3pts shooter of New Orlans!

It is New Orleans that Tyson has established itself as one of the best defensive pivots of the last 20 years.

Magloire was solid three years with 11pts and 10rbds of averages.

The other Jamal is not outdone with 21pts average in two years, even if injuries accompanied him throughout his second season. Mash was already very strong with Charlotte for two years before the New Orleans move.

Casually, West is the best scorer on the team, he is also the best rebounder and his second blocker.

Dj Fort Charlotte, it is New Orleans that Baron explodes with 20pts and 7pds on average.

Four years 20pts and 10rbds for Anthony who has established himself as a physical monster since his arrival in the NBA. MVP potential!

Speaking of MVP, Paul had a profile with the New Orleans Hornets. He is second scorer and best ferryman of the Franchise.

Special mentions ; Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, PJ Brown, Rasual Butler, Al-Farouq Aminu, David Wesley, Marco Belinelli, Morris Peterson, Emeka Okafor

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